Q&A with Vivacious Venus

Hi, my name is _____ my name is ______ Vivacious Venus --- Just kidding, trying to be the next rapper. My name is Jen!
So nice to meet you! 
I thought I would share a bit of "who I am" seeing how you may not know every nook and cranny ---------

Name:  Jennifer, Jen, Hey you, Venus, Mom, Juanita
Age: 35 
Hair color: depends on the month
Location: Southern California
Married: Why yes, to my high school sweet stud 14 years
Kids: Aaron, 15   Mason, 11   Derek, 7
Pets: 2 dogs and 1 turtle
Manicures or Pedicures: Pedi please
Favorite scent: Clean, Cinnamon, Cozy smells
Favorite Number: 9
Birthday: March 26
Favorite candy: Peanut Butter M&M's
Religion: I was raised Mormon, but no longer practice. I believe in being a good person and teach my kids to do the same.
Favorite Color: right now I am digging orange 
Favorite sport to watch: Baseball
Favorite Sunflower Seed flavor: Spitz Black Pepper
Favorite Beverage: A cold beer
What I adore: My little family
Favorite Flower: Gerber Daisy
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate and Peanut Butter
How long have I been blogging: 1 1/2 years
Hugs or Kisses: Big Hugs
Cavities: none
Wisdom teeth: only had 1 .. and had it removed
Siblings: I have 3 younger brothers
Favorite thing to wear at home: P.J.'s no brain-er
Favorite Outfit: Comfy Jeans and Hoodie with converse
Favorite word: right - {it's because I always am}
Favorite store: Target
Morning routine: Coffee and FB
Can I dance? Is this a trick question?

Where did you meet your husband? I met Bryan in 4th Period of our Junior Year in High School. I feel in love instantly with his humor. This guy always had me laughing..and still does. 

3 boys.. am I trying for the girl? Nope, we are done and happy. I would love to just "see" get a "preview" is that possible?

Dream Vacation... white beach, crystal blue water, a chair, my hubs and a beverage.

What kind of car do you drive?  I rip around in our Chevy Colorado and love it. The tank {suburban} chills in the garage and gets out once in awhile for "big" excursions. 

Worst household chore: Cleaning Bathrooms

Oh I forgot to tell you what color my eyes are..because I know you are on pins and needles.... Hazel.

And that wraps it up-- this Q & A is Over! Man, my pits are sweaty...that was intense! ;) Hope you all got to know me a little better, please ask me anything-- I will answer! And Hello... are you following me over on FACEBOOK? Because that is where it gets crazy, I tell you what! Get over there today..I love me some new faces!

P.S. I am challenging myself this month ...taking part in a April Blogging Challenge- say what? Yep you can read all about it over at Girl Gadabout


  1. I love this. You crack me up. I am in love with PB M&M's too. When we meet, let's make it a party and buy some k? K! Oh, and I'm an aesthetician, so maybe I could give you a pedi ... or just go get some together. Yeah, that'd be way more fun. Lol.

  2. Great idea...I love reading these...you were meant to be surrounded by boys weren't you! 3 brothers too!? Wow! I can totally picture you driving around in a truck...how the hell did I know you likes daisies (your b-day card)? That's freaky!!

  3. You are so cute! I love love love PB M&M's and any ice cream with PB in it as well!

  4. Awesomeness. Thanks for playing along. Chocolate and peanut butter... Mmmmm.

  5. So fun! My favorite store is Target too. Thanks for sharing all of this...it was fun to get to know you better.

  6. LOVE, love love this & you. We are rockin' the three boys thing - I only had two brothers so why I tried for the girl on #3 is beyond me! Our Expedition gets out quit a bit, however. It's my Mom "Swagger Wagon".
    Big hugs (no kisses).
    Ohhh ok, XOXO.

  7. I have 3 brothers too...one older and 2 younger. I loved being the only girl. :o) Really enjoyed learning a bit more about you. Good job!

    1. Ann! Yes being the only girl was fun for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Holla, holla! I love Target and PB M&M's, too!!!

    And you probably already know how I feel about Gerbera Daisies... <3

  9. Gee, that wasn't so scary afterall! I read the entire thing and lived to tell about it! LOL! Some things I knew, some I now know. I feel so educated! Fun idea! Let's go baseball, M&M's and margaritas! Whoop! Hugs, Leena

    1. Gee-Wizzz Leena... did you think I was going to pop out of a cake naked or something?! ;) Not too bad huh?!

  10. Love it Jen, one of the reasons I first started reading your blog is that I have three boys too! ;)

  11. Lol! Hair color: Depends! Love it! My hair was like that in high school, but I'm taking care of it now and trying to let it heal a bit from all the dye jobs. Maybe back to fun colors at some point though, I have serious hair ADD!

  12. A smile is guaranteed every time I visit your blog. Love it!!

  13. Holy carp! You are 1 year and one day older than my oldest son! Man, do I feel old now. Off to grab my shawl and get in the fetal position in my rocker! I love getting to know you better you young whippersnapper you!

  14. Wonder where your other three wisdom teeth went?


  15. Where is southern cali are you? I lived in Valencia for a while I miss the weather!

  16. Loved reading this! My morning routine is coffee and FB too! :) And anything chocolate and peanut butter is the best thing ever!

  17. Too funny! Almost just spit water through my nose!

  18. Chocolate + peanut butter = best combination evah. Thanks for sharing. Loved it!


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