DIY Dry Erase Board

So you all know I attended SNAP up in Utah last week. What you may have not known is when I flew in on Wednesday I was picked up by my cute sister-in-law along with her 3 awesome kiddos! I was set to stay with them Wednesday night and then drive down for the conference! I was super happy to finally see their home and catch up with my nieces and nephew! Of course Aunt Jen couldn't go up empty handed right? I brought Jackson {my stud nephew} this tooth pillow, and Kaity {my dancing star niece} this fun DIY Dry Erase Board. Can't forget about little Addie, who I met for the first time and couldn't stop squeezing! I made that sweet girl a fun hooded baby towel! Let's get on with the show, and let me show ya real quick how to whip this cute thing out!

DIY Dry Erase Board #gifts #kids

What you need
old/new frame
scrapbook paper
Crayola washable dry erase makers {perfect for kids}
hot glue gun

Picture frame turned Dry Erase Board #kids #gift

This thing is pretty self explanatory through the photos! 
So I am going to skip the steps! All you really need to know is...

She Loves It!

Easy DIY Dry Erase Board for kids #kids #gifts

Look at her doodle away!
Perfect for
Little Artists
Birthday Presents
Mother's Day
Father's Day
You name it!


  1. Such a cute gift idea! She definitely looks like she's having fun with it.

  2. Oh Jen!! We had fun didn't we! We need to go back to the Kneadery! Thanks so much for bringing such cute and fun gifts for the kids. They love 'em. I'm so sorry we gave you our cold :/ Glad you had fun! We wish you lived closer! Love ya and tell the boys hi!

    1. April! My girl! Yes we need to go back to the Kneadery! :)

  3. So cute! Genius of you to think to add the pouch in the back! (P.S. LOVE the new look to pieces!!!!!)

  4. That little fabric pocket to hold the pen is genius!! Just like you!!

    1. Aweee thank you Heather- you always know just what to say!

  5. The fabric pouch on the back, for the markers is pure genius!

  6. So cute! I love the fabric pouch in the back. You're brilliant!


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