St. Paddy's Day Lemon Bars

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Last night we were invited to a family St. Paddy's Day party. I thought why not try lemon bars with some green food coloring to make them festive? They turned out great!

Of course I used my lemon bar recipe I posted about last year...still a keeper! Added the green food coloring to the crust and the filling. 

Simple, green and cute! 


  1. Top of the mornin' to ya (to be said with an Irish accent).

    Great idea with the food colouring.

  2. Oh the luck of the IRISH....these are simply gorgeous! Great pics girl!!

  3. Cute idea! Hopping over to check out the original post! Love me some lemon bars!

  4. These look so fun and yummy, my friend! A Happy St. Patty's day from (the other) redhead (you know - the one you can't reply to until you switch to WP - lol). xoxo, Claire

  5. What a simple way to St. Patrick"fy" lemon bars! Fun!

  6. These are so cute! Pinning for next year most definitely!!!


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