Meet GYCO winner Claire

You all are in for a treat... meet Claire! This girl cracks me up, straight up! Claire blogs over  at A Little Clarification and puts her spunk and heart in each post! Last round of Get Your Chef on, Claire joined us and said point blank that she was "in-it-to-win-it" - And that she did with this scrumptious dish.

Amazing. Chicken & Pear Pastilla say what?
This girl can cook! But that is not all...she can craft too!

This easy throw pillow is perfect for St. Patrick's day!
Heading back to the kitchen...and drooling over this:
Check out this easy dinner recipe:
Easy Bolognese Recipe -- Ah yes please! 

As you can see, my girl Claire is full of talent. Make sure you check her blog out and go visit her on Facebook- heck give her a "like" already... you know you want to.. who wouldn't ?!

I leave you with This... Do YOU have what it takes?
Sign ups are LIVE-- Come on over and cook with us this round!
What are with cooking with ... Oh you have to come see!


  1. Love that girl!! Spunk is right...she's got plenty of it!

  2. Oh yum, that pastilla looks awesome! Thanks for a sharing a new blog for me to become addicted to!!

  3. Looks so delicious! She's one talented person!

  4. Yum, looks amazing! I've gotta go check out her blog now, thanks for the intro!

  5. Holy cow that crust on that pie ... omg I can just imagine it melting in my mouth right now! Dang!

  6. Aww, thanks Jen!! And thank you all for your sweet comments - looking forward to "meeting" you all!
    GYCO was so fun! I am hoping I can pull it off for the Beer round! :)

  7. Oh man, that Fillo Tart. I need!

  8. That looks yummy! I follow her blog! I hope to meet you at Snap!


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