Patch holes with lace

One of my favorite pair of jeans recently were found "showing too much skin" 
Meaning: What once was a "cool hole" with jean shredded-nish around it..was now a gaping hole.
I reached out on Facebook about what in the sam heck to do..how to fix this problem? Because I wanted to wear these! BINGO-
Lace! Patch that baby up with some cute lace! And so I did...

What you need:
-A piece of lace {don't laugh I actually bought a sliver of garter belt material at Walmart- only costing me .75 cents- so use all "lace" to find the best size..price for your repair!}
-straight pins
-a piece of denim {I grabbed an old pair of jeans from the kids closet they outgrew}
-sewing machine
-your jeans you are repairing

1. Cut off a piece of denim in order to make your "lace patch" You want this patch bigger then the hole you are trying to cover.

 2. Using a serger stitch, sew the lace onto the denim.

 3. Final "lace patch" product. 

 4. Take the patch and place it under the hole, inside the jeans and pin in place. Make sure the pocket is out of the way and you don't pin that. 
5. Slide the jeans onto the sewing machine. Make sure you keep the area flat at all times. ALSO watch that pocket! You want to sew using a small zig-zag stitch right along side of the hole. Stitch around the entire hole. The patch should be in place!

6. Trim away the loose thread 

 Put them on! Check out your NEW "feminine" 
Badda-Bing- Badda- Boo  Jeans!

The possibilities are endless...using different color lace! 
Go patch up a pair today!

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  1. That's awesome! I love the little bit of sexy and sassy lace that shows through. I will just remain bummy because this girl doesn't sew!!

    1. You could attach the lace with heat bond to a patch and then iron it on! That's what I am thinking since I do not sew either!

  2. Look at you rocking those jeans!! You fine girl...you fine1

  3. What a great patch idea! So much better than what i do!

  4. Super cute! Great tip - I have a few pairs I can do with. Thanks Jen! I love lace!

  5. cute! I love lace, always lookin' for ways to ad it to my wardrobe!

  6. Racy lacey!! Looks awesome Jen!! We can never throw out those perfectly worn in jeans right? :D

  7. Say WHAT! Is that a sewing machine I see....gurl, you tug at my heart strings. Great idea!

  8. LOVE this!!! Pinning for SURE! I have a few pairs that I can't part with but have holes in not good spots! I am doing this today! Muah!

  9. What an ingenius idea! I have a favorite pair of jeans that have multiple nickle to quarter sized holes and had thought of patching them with lace on the outside. I didn't know exactly how to do this and didn't want to lose those cool fringes, so using the patch on the inside would be a great solution! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  10. My daughter has some jeans that could use some lace, thanks for the idea!

  11. You just set up a trend! Thanks for sharing your bright idea!

  12. That is really cute! Such a good idea. My son just ripped a huge hole across a brand new pair of jeans. I had even bought them a size larger so he could wear them next year... I will try to patch them with this method using either felt or corduroy

  13. Ummmm....that last comment was from me. I have no idea what I was signed in under, so...hmmm?

  14. Haha...apparently there was no comment. {Geez, Kristi, get another cup of coffee.} Wanted to say...I think this is such a SMART project!! Loving the lace...and you totally rock it, girl!

  15. This is why you should always rock out in stretchy pants! Jeans rip easier when you drop it low! ;) The lace is adorable! I LOVE this idea and want to rip holes in my jeans so I can make them pretty too.

  16. Yeay!!! My absolute favorite jeans have a hole right below the zipper--a little too risque to wear in public but maybe I can fix them this way. They also have some gaping holes in the knee and thigh, but those are still presentable. : )

  17. I just used this post to patch three holes in a pair of denim capris that I got on sale for 75% off! I like the pants but NOT the holes. It worked perfectly! I like how they turned out and thank you so much for posting this. It was a genius, easy fix but not one I would have ever come up with on my own.


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