My "Mom Heart" is Full

This weekend I decided for a No Stress weekend. Meaning, the house can just be whatever, dinner? what should we have, nope not hitting the grocery store- I just don't want to, fly by the seat of our pants - yes please! So instead of soaking myself into all the above and stressing about my blog posts this week I said- Heck with it. I am enjoying my family, sun and a couple laughs along the way. 

The clear blue skies 
mixed with warm sunshine

made it a super weekend to watch this guy do his thing!
Old Man Buster even got some sunning in
and we can't forget Miss Tay getting her treat on
Bryan and I
went on a "adult only" Costco trip- oh-la-la and splurged on these bad boys
We had an intense Playoff NHL game take place in our family room Saturday night
then hit some Pizza and feasted on some cinnamon sticks for dessert- Hello!
Smiles were in full swing this weekend..which melted my "mom heart"

Ending our weekend having fun at....

This weekend was a clear reminder to me...
to soak up every moment with those you love. 
Create memories that will last forever. Be goofy and crazy
Dance Sing like no one is watching:

*Video is black due to the darkness outside and my ninja moves*
 Let's be real..if they knew I was recording...they all would have not sung! 


  1. You are such a fun mom! Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

  2. FABULOUS way to spend the weekend~

  3. Love it! That's just what this past weekend called for. The Walmart pics crack me up!

  4. Love it! Mitch and I went on a "date" to Sam's Club this weekend too...I thought we were the only ones who got excited about a kid-free trip to the bulk store lol :)

  5. LOVE the pictures! Great one of you and Bryan! Can't wait to see you soon friend!

  6. I can feel your joy! Sounds like the perfect weekend. And LOVE the family singing to the radio. You are creating some wonderful memories for your boys!

  7. Awwww now this. This is what's all about, girl. Love this post.

  8. best kind of weekend ever! I know that mustache anywhere..:)

  9. You made my mom heart full too!!! Looks like the perfect weekend full of all of the things you love!

  10. Hehehe. "Adult Only" costco trip. Hilarious! It's so funny the things that get us excited these days isn't it?

  11. Ummm, after seeing your awesome weekend, I need a do-over or a re-do or just another weekend! You have a pretty darn cool fam, you lucky lady!!

  12. You already know I think you are the best mom ever!! You create such fun memories I could seriously just cry! Love you, you crazy nut :-)

  13. We have to take family and self refueling time! So important. You guys looks like you had such fun at Walmart. LOL!

  14. Ahhh, car singing!!!! Some of my favourite memories include singing in the car as a child and then with my own children. Do I hear "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" (a hit from the 60's) and "Parents Just Don't Understand" (Fresh Prince really got it!!)

  15. Who eats more of the olives, you or Bryan?


  16. Oh man, those olives call to me every time!

  17. What a wonderful weekend. Sometimes you need those weekends, where you just unplug and tune into family! I'm sure it was great for all of you!

  18. Perfect! Weekends like this are the best! Love that you got some great pics of everybody too! Don't you just love Wal Mart? They always have something cheesy that you can dress up in for goofy photos! LOL! Glad everyone had such a great time! Hugs, Leena

  19. Love it! I have to remind myself to get out of the 'get it done' mode at times, scratch that, MOST times. Great post! ~ Paula

  20. So cute I wish we had weekends like this more, thanks for the reminder, BTW the stach glasses are a keeper!

  21. I need a few weekends like this! i am always obsessing about what needs to be done!


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