Good Morning, Wild Hair.

Well hi! I often take showers at night, so I go to bed with my hair wet. And well, in the morning you have a rats nest or a mountain of crazy, untamable hair.

Lucky for you all, I enjoy taking photos of my "mountains" -- and thought I had quite the collection so far. I think you will be very impressed. I know I am..

#1. Baby Got Side.... to the left, now to the left, and dip dip dip dip...holy hair that is a mess!

#2. We got a Bite-the-lip-er! Proceed with caution..I spy a hair bump on the left!

#3. Whatcha talkin' about willis? My hair be lookin' fine!

4. Ummmm. Who? What? When? Where? HOW? did my hair get like this?! Should I leave it? Hat it? Wet it and start over?

So I think I might start sleeping in my turbo twister top notcher towel at night..might help with the tame.


Or if all else fails..

Arctic Blast Hat it!


  1. THE HAT...ALWAYS WEAR THE HAT! LOL....you know how all those other groups have 365 group...365 of pictures..365 of crafts...yours could be 365 of wearing the hat...then you could just shave your head....KIDDING..your kinda crazy..you might do it..LOL

  2. Thanks to you, I'm ending a rough day with a big smile on my face. Girl, you are CRAZY FUN!

    1. Shasta my girl! So happy I could help you end a rough day with a smile-- I did my job! :)

  3. You are just too much and for that reason PLUS your hair, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness Jen! I can so relate except, I go to bed with my hair dry. I have no idea what kind of party my head is having with the pillow! My hair is always up before I am lol! I do make sure to share with the neighbors that is the beauty of me when I go out to get the paper though ;-)

  5. Jen, I'm so glad I was smart enough to put my drink down before I read this post! Otherwise there would have been laughter mixed with liquid spitting out at my keyboard! Hilarious collection, and I can relate. Except with one main difference: I use products to try and get my hair to look bedhead-ish...so I have a bit of hair envy of your mornings... There. I said it. ;)

  6. Yes yes yes!!! You make me spit out my coffee, do a jig, cry a bit, and then do it all over again!! Love!

  7. I think I've worn hats 3 out of the last 5 days. Hats are wonderful!

  8. Oh how I love waking to an "4 Marrs & One Venus" email because thenI know it will be a good day. A day that will most likely start with at least one uncontrollable snort. And going to bed with wet hair is the reason I own at least 15 baseball hats. ;)

  9. LOL! I was laughing at all of these. You are just too much. :) I love hats on bad hair mornings for sure.

  10. Like I said this morning... thank you for always making me laugh! By the way, you wear bed-head well... you are pretty no matter what- it comes from the inside:)
    ~Heidi (your red-head stalker from Paloma;)

  11. The fact that you keep a collection of the photos just bumped you up to the top of my favorite people list. I think you should WEAR the turbo twister out and about. A day or two of that and it would turn into the latest fashion must-have!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  12. Your crazy hair is too funny and I love that you are just crazy enough to share it with us!!

  13. Oh shit the bed, I needed that! Long day sister, and as usual you always put a smile on my face!

  14. LOL! I have often woken up with the "what the heck is that on my head?" look. I like to all it Einstein Hair. I have an idea for you - wear the turban and then get yourself a Magic 8-Ball so you can predict the future of how your hair will look in the morning! "Magic 8-Ball, will my hair look like an electrified squirrel in the morning?" Magic 8-Ball replies, "Absolutely!" At least then you'll know what to expect :) I do like the furry snow hat though. I picked up one of those for myself last year just because it was so silly. Love it! Hugs, Leena

  15. You're just lucky you don't have naturally curly hair. Holy crap it can do some crazy things at night. Of course if I add a few rounds of hot flashes/night sweats it gets even better. I think the hat is good on you but I'm afraid you might have a little static each morning. It's not particularly sexy either... :)


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