DIY Fabric Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a pretty big deal. Like so big, did you know they date back into the Medieval ages? Now granted they were not as cute as the fabric bookmark shown below..in fact it was a heavy duty rotating disc bookmark. {tough huh?} Ladies times have changed..thank goodness and today bookmarks are bee-boppin' with style! These are so fun and easy to create! They make wonderful gifts for any bookworm you know!

Shall we?

The how-to:
1. Grab fabric scraps, ribbons and felt
2. Cut out bookmark to the size you prefer. Place them as step 2 shows. 
From bottom up: Felt, Fabric face side up, Fabric face side down, Felt.
3. Sew the around the pile - leaving the bottom open for your ribbon.
4. Trim away excess fabric.
Now you want to flip the fabric inside out. You should now have most of your bookmark complete.
Final step, grab ribbon and place it in the open end. Sew it shut.

Here is another way you can sew these bookmarks together!

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  1. Your comment on medieval bookmarks made me curious enough to google it. Super interesting although I much prefer your super cute one! :D

  2. Love these & how you can personalize them with the different fabrics :o)

  3. holy crap..you can sew!!! Oh I hate you...my mom has made wedding dresses and I can only hand stitch a sock with a hole..LOL
    So cute..my kids would love if I could make them this stuff..but I guess we will stick to dog ears..:)

  4. Totally digging the demin one! Mr. B just "donated" an old pair of his jeans to my scrap pile. I may have to make some of these out of them! Thanks for the tute :-)

  5. Well great minds think alike - we both posted bookmark posts today - we rock! haha!! :D Love your's - adorable!

  6. simple and easy. I remember the first bookmark I ever got as a gift - it was all stitched up with Ukrainian style embroidery. But of course that was almost in Medieval times!

  7. Very cute Jen...I see your boys like DWK too...my girls can't get enough of that series. Don't touch that cheese!!!

  8. These are so cute! We lose bookmarks at a fast rate around here so it would be nice to have a stash of these around.

  9. Cute!! You little seamstress, you! And I think this is the second time I have referred back to a previous comment from my favorite Redhead but my 8 yr. old LOVES the DWK books. Fits of laughter, I tell you.
    Ok, a big smoochy MWAHHH and going to pin this. (can you reply to my comments yet?? I linked my Google and something Blogger profile something. Even though I am on WordPress. I call shenanigans!)


  10. Fun fun fun! Pinning so I can make later this month :o)


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