Whoopsie: I said the darndest thing!

I found a "liner" 
It's kind of gross..but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Am I right?

{set the scene}

2 boys running CRAZY around the house. Up and down the stairs, in and out of closets. Yelling, wanting to wrestle each other, smacking one another with stuffed animals. Yelling..oh I already said that. 

You get the picture right?

Now I just finished day 1 of level 2 on the 30 day shred. Almost died- really I almost did. Plus my tummy has been kind of weird the last couple days. Doing those double jump ropes - not funny- not at all. Almost ran to the bathroom..not good. Boys working my last nerve. I had enough! Mom rage was about to kick in... {insert desperate measure here}

And it went like this:

Hey you guys, mommy isn't feeling too hot. My tummy hurts....and I have diarrhea

---- Oh the look on their faces. I wish I could have taken a picture.
They said nothing. Walked like soldiers downstairs and turned on the TV, and not a peep since. 

Mom:  1

Kids: 0

I wish I was ahead more in my house...seems like they are always scoring on me. But I got them tonight-- worked them & I loved every second of it! 

So do you have any liners? I am open to all..spill what works in your house! I got my game face on...clipboard out, taking notes- these boys are going down! {kidding..kind of}


  1. Oh my gosh this is hilarious!! hahaha!!! I'm laughing so hard!

  2. Lol! Awesome!! Mom's of boys gotta get a win every now and then :-)

  3. ha ha ha!!! I love this post...you know I do!

  4. Ha! My line is, "knock it off, or I will take you to school tomorrow in my jammies, and walk you to class...no teeth brushing, hair brushing, or bra" Works every. single. time.

  5. LOVE it! That would probably work on my boys too!

  6. Ha ha ha!! That's awesome!! I love that it worked!!

  7. Yes! I'm so taking notes from you and saving them in my back pocket.

  8. Sounds like they were pretty scared of the thought of diarrhea. Did they think you were going to throw it at them? Feel better - and stop exercising, it's making you sick!!! (actually just jealous of your determination)

  9. LOL! No... But if I'm in a particularly grumpy mood, my 12 year old son (who just went through "the class" at school last year) has one... "Oh watch out... Mom's PMSing." Grrrreeeeaaaatttt. Thanks public education! ;) Hope you feel better soon, Jen!

  10. I always thought the magic word was please or thank you, now I find out it's diarrhea.


  11. Jen, you crack me up! I'm definitely saving this one.

  12. awe...I wish that worked on my kids..LOL!! but they always say it...LOL!! I think I might have to pull out the sex ed books and tell them I want to talk to them about it and see if that shuts em up!! LOL
    Hugs..hope your tummy feels better and the cha-chas are done..:)

  13. Great one!!! lol!!! By the way...you don't need to shred-you are so thin!!

  14. Ooh, that is priceless. You crack me up, and I bet you score on your kids more often than you think.

    Hope you feel better, though. Because what you have going on is not fun!

  15. I have used "DO what you're told so your mother will stop screaming. She's giving MeeMaw a headache!" and the little ones say "Sorry MeeMaw" and usually settle down. Seems that they don't mind po'ing their mother off but they don't want me to have a headache LOL! I'll take it! Considering that my daughter and the two grand babes have taken over our house, every little bit helps! Hugs, Leena


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