Time to Shine: "Bloglight Style"

Sorry it is so bright in here... but ladies and gents:
 It is my Big Day!

Before I get all crazy spilling my guts{yep keep reading...I am telling it all} If you are not on Hometalk- well then we need to chat. Sit down. Hometalk is a fabulous website full of inspiration and is a "one stop shop" for all needs. Decorating, DIY, Home Repairs...you name it, it's on there. So be sure to check it out! Hometalk also picks a blogger to put in the "bloglight" each week! {pinch me} This is my week! Eeek!

How did you get into blogging?

Blogging at first was for my little far away extended family to keep up on the Marrs Haps. I never in my wildest dreams thought for a second about taking blogging serious. As I only posted once every 3 months..so not serious. Then January 2012 I had a "lightbulb" moment. Yes I do have those once in awhile crazy right?! I wanted to start my own little "real" blog. And I did. And I did it for 1 whole year..who knew? Not me- nuts I tell you.

How did you decide on the name of your blog? 
Funny story actually. Originally my blog was named The Marrs Clan. When I decided to go "all in" on my blogging adventure I went to set up my Facebook page. They flagged my account and deleted my page. They told me my "clan" was a dangerous threat. 
Threatening we are.  Kidding, they told me that my name could not have "clan" in it. I will admit it- I was mad. We were the Marrs Clan. So that lead me to changing it to something catchy and fun: Four Marrs & One Venus - that was the one! Looking back now I am so happy FB made me change my name..this new one is perfect!

Which project has brought you the most traffic to-date? 
That would be my 3 junk chairs that I transformed into a bright bench! My friend asked me if I wanted these chairs- yes please! And for many months they sat on the side of the house. Begged my husband to not throw them out, I knew I was on borrowed time for that. So busy I got and page views rolled in!

What do your friends and family think about your blog?
Ok. Stop. Collaborate and go look at the first photo in this post...?... what do I think they think? That I am nuts. Yep pretty sure that is what they all think. Truth is I am nuts and I am ok with that. This is me! The most comments I get from family and friends is about my dance videos. I am pretty sure they never saw that coming...so Surprise! I like to dance- and I am not stopping any time soon! 

Do I stick to a strict posting schedule?
I really don't. I probably should it might help me in the organized department..but I am a fly by the seat of my zebra leggings kind of girl. So schedules kind of scare me. 

What advice could you give to other bloggers that you wish you had known before you started blogging? 
My big advice would be to blog for you. 
Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. 
Be real, people love the real deal. 
Don't post 5x's a week if you can't- you will burn out fast. 
Blogging right off the bat is not a money maker so don't expect that. 
Find your style and run wild with it! 

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A big THANK YOU to Hometalk for allowing me to shine today!


  1. YOU are hilarious! Love following your blog! I'm off to checkout hometalk :)

  2. Heck yeah! You deserve being in the bright spotlight! I really need to be more active on Hometalk. It's on my to-do list this year :-)

  3. Way to go Jen!!! You totally need a big spotlight...like 24/7! Woot woot girly!

  4. Fantastic!!!!! Well deserved!!!! Good for you!!!! On Hometalk, but don't really do much with it - need to get that into gear this year.

    Love ya, Miss Successful.

  5. Yeay! Love that you were chosen for the blog light!!! You deserve it...you are always the one cheering everyone on, and making us smile! You stand out and I love ya!!! XO ~ Red

  6. Boogie Fever
    Got to Boogie Down.
    Boogie Fever,
    I think it's going around.


  7. How cute are you?! You need your own reality show.

  8. OMG I love you! Congrats on the blog light!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LOVE you to bits Jen - Congratulations!!!!!

  10. Hahahaha.....freakin' hilarious! Congrats! ~Tammy

  11. Congrats on the bloglight! I'm going to hang out and poke around on your blog and see what you're all about! Nice to meet you!
    breida - breida with a b.

  12. Okay, that video is hilarious! I especially love the end! :)

  13. hahaha. The "Clan" info is good to know. I'll make sure and stay away from that buzzword on facebook! Four Mars and One Venus IS perfect. I love your blog name. Congrats on the spotlight girl and Happy New Year!!

  14. Loving you more and more everyday...Hey I am wearing that same outfit today...wait...you mean yours was a joke..damn..I better go change...:) SO glad you got into blogging to keep us crazy folk bizzzzzzzzzzzzay!!! :)
    Love you girl!

  15. You rock, Jen! I think that is crazy about the clan thing on FB! You are one of my favorite blog names so I'm kinda glad you had to change...jk. :) Congrats on the feature!

  16. Congratulations, Jen ~ I loved reading your story ~ so saucy! I had leopard print leggings but foolishly gave them to the thrift store....slapping myself silly now!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  17. I'm glad that FB thought you were threatening - your blog name is awesome! What a great post! Congrats to you!

  18. Love you and your blog Jen. You are peppy, creative, fun and fantastic. Keep up the great work!!

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  20. Threatening??? You?! Hysterical! You're blog is such a happy place, and I love that about it! You're full of fun and spunk and I think that definitely keeps readers coming back for more, so keep doing what you're doing chicka! Love ya! XO

  21. I did mine later in the day. So I could read everyone elses and figure out how cool I needed to sound. And...so you would have a memory of me in mind when you go to sleep tonight. Yes, I'm selfish and weird like that.
    1. you are always in my bloglight. It's a black light. With funky lights swirling in the background.
    2. your dancing is terrible. Which is why it's so wonderful. And no, mine is no better. in April we will do a side by side. With black lights, hopefully.
    3. your tips are the best. you've been drinking smart juice. I'll follow every single one. You better not be leading me off a cliff.

    the end.

  22. That video is AWESOME! :-D Loved reading more about you!

  23. You look like you're so much fun! Glad to get to know you better through "In the Bloglight!"

  24. Gosh. I love you on so many levels. sigh. This ROCKED. Congrats!

  25. Ha ha ha ha!!!! LOVE it!!!! You are hilarious!!! Busting a move in your honor... Congrats!!!!

  26. Congrats Jen! Such a funny spotlight. Love your fun-loving spirit that shines through everything you do and say :) I need to check out Hometalk. Do they have organizing stuff too?


  27. Love it! Congrats on being featured! I'm checking out Hometalk - hadn't heard of it before. Yes, I live under a rock LOL! Kidding! Dance girl, dance! Hugs, Leena

  28. Thanks for the smiles this fine AM! It's way to much fun over here! :)

  29. Congratulations Jen! You have to be one of the funniest people in blogland!

    Happy weekend to you!


  30. Congratulations! Unfortunately the dance video won't open for me, so I'll give it a try later on another computer.

    Love the story, love that you were forced to find your perfect blog name by the clan police. who knew??


  31. Rock ON! Love the dances! Congratulations on the spotlight :) Have a great weekend!

  32. You go girl! Have fun! life is too short not too! Congratulations for being featured in the spotlight!
    Happy Weekend!

  33. Congrats on the feature! Your dance video should have a feature of its very own!

  34. I wasn't sure until that last one but girl you got moves ;) Lol. You were feelin it. Loved it! Found you from Blog talk. Congrats on the spotlight!

  35. Oh I just love, love, love it! Hilarious! Congrats on the Bloglight!

  36. I just love everything about this post! Girl, you ROCK those leggings!

  37. O…M…G I think I got it to work… Lemme know if you can reply. I know you have loads of spare time for this. lol Sorry and THANK YOU!!

  38. You are one crazy dancing, leggings wearing, blog rocking mama making me laugh my butt off right now! I have a confession to make, my computer has not had sound until recently. I must say the sound takes your dancing vids over the top! I only play Just Dance with my kiddos but I totally want to jump in and dance with you!!!

  39. Also, I'm a little slow. I'm not on Hometalk, but I'm off to check it off!

  40. I meant to leave you a comment on this the other day, but forgot. Now that January is in full swing and I have to eventually function as a human again, I'm coming back to tell you how awesome you are. Because this post was just too amazing. Like TOO amazing. I have never laughed so hard at a video. I think we might be just be twinsies. I have many videos of myself as a teen, wearing mullet wigs and such and dancing. No rhyme or reason, just because me and my friends thought it was funny to make ourselves as weird as possible. Just thought I should share that. SO, when you come visit, screw the mini-pies we talked about....I'll be leaving a mullet wig on your pillow. You'll know what to do with it. :)


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