GYCO Features & Winner -----> Pears

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Pears? Yep- that was our GYCO "secret" ingredient we assigned  this round- and dang nab it- You all got your Pears Poppin' On! Yes you do! 

I am jumping or should say pumping right to the features...

Starting with my girl Julie over at White Lights on Wednesday:

Brittany from Crafty Mischief brought this refreshing

Kathy over at Lemon Tree Dwelling whipped up some 

Emily over at It Bakes Me Happy rocked out these awesome

Stephanie from Sweet Boutique ... WOW. ..like..wow-ed me with her

Create with Joy had me drooling with her

Shanna is always creating something fun over at Just us Four...

Oh did Life made simple bake something dang good..

And Now...
Drumroll Please....
Our big Winner for this round of Pears goes to ...

A Little Clarification!
This girl rocked the pan this round! Cooking up a gorgeous Savory Chicken and Pear Pastilla

Congrats Claire! You just won 2 months of free ad space from both Julie and I! 
You also will have a full blog feature on each of our blogs!
 Email Julie and I within 48 hours to claim your prize! 

  • Need more Pear Inspirations? Go visit Julie..she has the rest of the round ups! They are  drooling good! 
SAVE THE DATE: Next round of GYCO in March -- hope you will join us! I because we love you all so much...and really want to see you and your cute chef hat March 5th...we are leaking the secret ingredient early..{gasp} Are you ready?

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?


  1. Thanks so much for sponsoring this super fun competition!!

    I had a blast:)

    Beer!!! HUMMMM! (can you hear the gears spinning in my brain?) LOL.

    I will be here for Beer!!!

  2. I am pretty speechless - thank you guys so much!!!! There were so many fantastic entries, I feel very honored. Big fat hugs and kisses to you and Julie! Mwahhhhh! xo, Claire

  3. *pouts* I was late to the sign up. I coulda rocked pears. I'll just have to try to hit it for the March challenge...Beer is it? Hm.....

  4. Thank you for this wonderful challenge and the feature - ALL of the recipes were amazing - congrats to the winner!

    Create With Joy

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my pear dish! Loved this challenge and seeing all the creative dishes that came from it.

  6. Congratulations to all the features and winner - fabulous entries this time around.


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