Got Vanities? Get to jumpin'

Today we are talking about Vanities. You know, those things that everyone has in their bathrooms. They are great for throwing crap under and collecting dried up toothpaste.
So you got one? Well that is great..so do I. 

I have to tell you something, Debbiedoo shared this powerful video on her Facebook. Once I saw this video below...my whole new outlook on "vanities" changed.  

Check that out... did you happen to catch how happy and positive that girl was? I want That! I want what she's got! So I thought...heck with it.. I'm gonna get me some!

That's right.... that is how I roll! And WOW .. it felt Great shouting it out!
So my challenge to you..Yes YOU..
Got Vanities? Get to jumpin' 

I will be linking this Positive Vibe up here:


  1. Thanks so much for the laugh! You're so funny {and maybe a little crazy}!! Love ya!

  2. Girl you had me in stitches............people that go slow in the car, now that is lie!!!!!! And yes you can do anything better. I just loved that video. Thanks for sharing Jenn!

  3. Loved it! Well except for loving people that drive slow...lol!

  4. I love it!! I might have to go jump on my vanity now. And it's pretty long. I might able able to moonwalk too! I can do ANYTHING I WANT!!! lol

    1. Ok, I'm with ya! I love vanities! I love the bathroom! I love hiding in the bathroom! I love the peace and quiet! I love decorating magazines! I love good hair days! I love puppies! I love my husband! I love dancing and marching to the beat of my own drum! I love this blog! I love blogging! I love reading blogs! I love creating! and now I will jump off the vanity and take my lap top to the hospital with me so I can let you know how it turned out! 1.....2.....3....JUMP!

  5. I love you!! and your positive attitude!!! and your funky headbands!!! and your silliness!!! and how you make EVERYONE feel better about life!!!

  6. LOL I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! And I love my Cetaphil and coffee, too!!! ;P

    Linking from Debbiedoos,
    Ricki Jill

  7. Jen,
    LOVE the video! You had me laughing but I was a little terrified that you was going to fall backwards a couple of times. Was glad to see you land safe on your feet. Have a wonderful, Vanity Jumping day!

  8. You are a nut, and I love it. I have not vanity jumped, I fear for the life of my vanity and myself to balance on it. Tom Cruise has got nothing on you. Go ahead and JUMP!


  9. Wow, amazing! You go and get 'em! Love your video, love your attitude! And no, I haven't vanity hopped...not sure I can be that uninhibited and carefree, even if alone. lol
    Saw you sharing at Debbiedoo's
    Debbie :)

  10. HA! OMG!!! I now have red wine all over my keyboard! Crazy girl you! Love ya lots! XO

  11. ROFL...This is so funny! I wanna rock and roll all nigh-ah-ight...can I just jump in bed and thank God I made it another day...does that count?


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