Drumroll: Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama

Happy Monday! Today I am beyond thrilled to share the big WINNER of Get Your Chef on "cranberry" edition:

Carrie from Frulgal Foodie Mama

This girl took the Cranberry Craze by the Bull and WOWed us!

Hold on while I wipe my drool.

So I ran over to this girls blog {and you will want to as well}
Holy Smokes..she can she cook!

Yes Please!

Get out...love my crocker!

ohhh.. the PB and Chocolate Combo-- KILLER!

Grab the chips- quick!

So now that you are all drooling- Make sure you stop over and say hello! Heck follow her cooking goodness..she is always whipping up something amazing! Frugal Foodies BLOG, FACEBOOK 

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow- as GYCO is prepping for PEARS! 25 Pear recipes will be linked up tomorrow..I can't Wait!


  1. So many amazing recipes here! I'm going to be her follower asap. Yum!

  2. Carrie is AWESOME! If I didn't already want to be you when I grow up, I would want to be her. ;)
    And bring on the Pears, Mama! I will see YOU at the challenge tomorrow! Woohoo!


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