Top 5 Family Fun Christmas Games

I love games! Yes I do. I love games...how about you?
Last year at Christmas I put some magic together and we played some fun games! 

1. Don't Eat Santa!

All you need is CANDY and Print off the Sheet from Above!


2. Swing a Rudolph Nose

 Vaseline the noses!

 And Swing! {string w/ pom pom}


 Side Nose Winner!

Another Winner!

3. Christmas song Charades or Pictionary!
The Game Gal has these great lists:

4. Christmas story time

5.  Christmas Song Picture Game
Thank you Santa Lady for the game!

 Print out the form create teams..set timer..go!

So there are my Top 5 Games!
Will you be adding any of these fun ones to your Christmas Celebrations? Hope so! 


  1. We are SO totally going to play that Rudolph nose game! What a fun idea! My boys are going to love it!

  2. I'm in for the Rudolph nose game - especially after a couple of eggnogs. My 20 something stepsons are gonna love this one!!

  3. I love these! We play Santa Bingo to see who gets to open the first gift! SO FUN!

  4. Just saw this in my feed and I had to come visit. I've pinned so that I can plan some Xmas day FUN!

  5. I am sooooo breaking out your games this Christmas! I see my boy D up there...he's the cutest!

  6. Great photos...great memories...I'm stealing the Rudolph nose game...so cute, the girls will love it! Grandma too!

  7. fabulous games!! Love the printable. And you got some cute fam...yes you do!

  8. I may have to suggest the Rudolph game up at the in laws! I think the niece and nephew would love seeing Grandma B play that! Merry Christmas to you and your boys Jen!

  9. Okay, swing a rudolph nose is by far the best! :)

  10. We are going to play the Rudolph nose game at girl scouts tomorrow night. How did you attach the string to the pom pom?

  11. Jen! These are hilarious! I am so pinning this for next Christmas. :)


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