Hot Pink Turtleneck with a side of Puffy Vest

I have you know I am not much of a shopper. But I do like deals! So when VS {yes peeps that is short for Victoria Secrets} was running a deal on sweaters  last year I ran.
Did I say ran? I mean..I clicked on add to cart because I don't run.

Now let me back up. VS, it's a cool place to shop-- all the hot mamas shop there, I feel like a VS model when I wear VS..so this sweater was a must buy..I was going to be the next VS model in my Hot Pink Turtleneck.

Hold the Spoon.... did she just say Turtleneck?

Why yes folks, yes I did. See I thought it would be a wonderful "layer" to my hammy-down puffy vest I snatched up from Bryan's 17 year old sister.

What? I know what you are thinking..but I promise..I rocked the crappers outta that outfit.

Or so I thought.

That was until I sent my girlfriend Toni a picture of me looking like a VS Hot Mama- and then she Popped it.
Popped that Hot Mama-ness right out.

"Jen, is that a Turtleneck?"
"Yes Toni, yes it is. It happens to be a Victoria Secret Turtleneck" {in my la tee da voice}

Her suggestion: Make a 50 year and older box and shove that turtleneck and the puffy vest into it. Once I am 50+ I then can wear that stuff.

So you guys want to see it? I really thought I rocked the Pink outta it.

I didn't believe her. 30 year olds could sport turtlenecks.
But then I looked around and started realizing something.
She was right. Older ladies were the ones rocking the turtlenecks.

And then this happened.
Christmas Eve Night heading to my parents house for dinner.

My Mom:

Turtleneck and Vest.
Bless her heart..she looks wonderful in it.


  1. OMG. Now that I have recovered from my fits of unattractive laughter (that might have involved at least one snort) I have composed myself enough to type.
    That is so funny…
    Early 40s and I actually do own one turtleneck that I thrifted last year. It's charcoal grey. I love grey. But every time I put it on I think my face looks fat (or maybe it's my butt) so I am holding off. Maybe at 50 I won't care anymore. :)
    Thanks for the laughs!!

  2. Well, I'm never wearing a turtleneck again. Ever.


  3. thank you .....thank you .....for shedding the light on the age limit for turtle necks! I could wear them when I was YOUNG and now I HATE them...LOL! I will hold off on any turtle necks until I actually have a turtle NECK! :)

  4. SO flippin' funny, Jen! I've always hated turtlenecks because I feel like they're choking me, but my 30-year-old sister rocks them all the time (and looks way cuter than she possibly should in them!)!

  5. I've loved turtlenecks for years, and I'm 32. If anyone dared make fun of me, I'd stick my waterpik up his nose!

  6. Omg goodness you are too funny, Jen! I don't like them because I think that they are so uncomfortable. I'm with you on the age group for turtlenecks. Megan

  7. You said, Bless Her heart! :) Love this hotness.

  8. Turtlenecks = claustrophobia for me and your hilarious post is even more reason why I can never.wear.a.turtleneck!

  9. You are a hot mess!! Don't wear the turtleneck unless you have something to hide! Didn't your momma tell you that?
    Love this post! Hear me?? Love!

  10. ugh-I LOVE turtlenecks....and I'm 38:):)

  11. Noooooo...not the turtleneck!!!!! Cant..do..turtlenecks....suffocating..strangling...aaaarrgghh!

    But you do look pretty good in that outfit - serious!

  12. I love turtlenecks Jenn, and personally, I like your pink one! (You go girl) However, I'm no fashion diva (ask anyone, it's fairly obvious), and my husband strongly dislikes them, so I've gotten rid of all of mine....but, I saved my cowl necks, and I don't think they are all that much different :) --Katie

  13. First, I DID miss this neck chocking post this morning - so thanks for re-posting it. Second, I think you looked cute too - but agree - lol save the turtlenecks for the mountains!!! Sigh. I can't wait to be 50 where fashion doesn't matter. Unless I'm still single and well, then, let's just not go there. And I totally busted out laughing when your mom was wearing the same thing! Hilarious! You a great. Happy Wednesday! :)

  14. Since I fall into the correct age group, I would be proud to wear a VS turtleneck. And I'd think I was hot all the way - oh just a second, that's just another hot flash happening.

  15. I've always hated the way i looked in turtlenecks!! Well i guess in six more years it won't matter!! I'll be cool! LOL


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