A Canon Christmas Wrap Up!

I would like to introduce you to someone.
Meet Canon T3i.
She looks better in person.

That a girl....come to mama! Today I am taking you on a journey. 
A Canon Christmas Wrap up in the Marrs home -- Enjoy!

 First photo on the Camera! Say Cheese boys!
Aaron {13} Mason {10} Derek {crazy6}

Went with a blurred background on the Taylor Girl

My thumbs up dude Derek

And then...wait for it---I can do "tones"  ??
Oh yes..here we go!
 The old man Buster

 Aaron being just a typical teenager

Some more B/W shots of the boys doing their thing:

 Grandma's China is out and we are ready to feast!
Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Rolls, Broccoli Casserole

Shut the front door- I have a Timer on this baby?
Get ready boys!

 Just doing "our" thing.

 Derek is 6 going on 13.

As you can see...a fun filled day was had in the Marrs House
.. and I worked up a big sweat snapping so I had to...

I really just had to.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day!


  1. How exciting!! This is the same camera I have. LOVE it!!

  2. What a difference a camera makes! The shots are gorgeous!!!

  3. Fantflippentastic Jenn! I love that you are a Mom to all boys, I can relate to you for sure:) Love me boys! I got the same camera and still learning the ropes but I think we are going to have some fun for sure in 2013! Happy New Year sweets!

  4. Awesome pictures, Jen! You'll love that camera. :) My family favorite is See's candy! Yum. :)

  5. Oooh, Jen, we have the same camera - I got mine last year. Still learning how to use it!!

    Looks like you had an awesome day topped off perfectly with that bubble bath and candy.


  6. Is that bubbles? Chocolate and bubbles? How much of that chocolate did you consume while soaking? Whatever, it was probably wise to give the camera a rest too at that point.


  7. Yay for a Great Christmas and a GREAT Christmas Present!!!! And I absolutely LOVE in the funny family picture how Mason is just smiling all normal and sweet! Love you lady!! xoxo

  8. You have the cutest lil' family! WOOT for the new camera! I need one baHADly.

  9. the BEST pictures EVER!! I am so stinking excited to see what you got going down with that thing!

  10. Jealous of your new fancy camera! (also still testing comments so… you know).

  11. Gorgeous camera! Beautiful family! I love the pics! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! :)


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