How to peel a potato without using a peeler

So my friend told me that she saw that you could actually peel a potato without using a peeler!

I put it to the Test! And guess what-- YOU CAN! 

{Step 1} Score potatoes
Make cuts into the potato about 1/4" deep and about 1" apart. do this all around the potato then again at right angles to the first cuts made across the potato.

{Step 2} Boil potatoes until tender

{Step 3} Get a bowl of ice water ready

{Step 4} Drop in a potato. Let it sit for about 10 seconds

{Step 5} Peel away it will fall right off!

{Step 6} Mash em, Dice em, Smoosh em, Cube em! DONE! Do what you are going to do with those taters!

I love the fact that this can be done without the hassle of using a peeler!

Will you be trying this quick and easy method for the holidays? 

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  1. That is awesome! So thanks for sharing this tip, just in time for Thanksgiving too! -Jacque @thediyvillage

  2. How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I knew this worked for tomatoes and peaches, but not for potatoes. Awesome!! I am going to have to try this out soon!
    Kari @ iowasmiths.blogspot.com

  4. Shut your face!!! One of my most hated chores was having to peel the potatoes for dinner for 5 Of us every stinkin' day! Where we're you 45 years ago Jen? Yes, I will be doing this from now on (typing as I shout to Mr. B that we will now be having potatoes every stinkin' night!).

  5. holy cow...that is awesome!! seriously. nobel peace prize amazing!

  6. I've used this method for years when making potato salad. Maybe it's an English thing and we North Americans don't know about it. Great for passing it on, Jen.

  7. That is a fantastic tip! Love it. :) Megan

  8. Hot damn!!!! I am trying this for sure!!! WHO KNEW???

  9. That is GENIUS, I tell ya, GENIUS!!!
    SO excited you shared this with us and didn't keep it to yourself, Miss Jammin' Jen!!
    Speaking of jammin', got another dance video I can watch to make my Friday absolutely spectacular?

  10. I will absolutely be using this tip as I make mashed potatoes (and a few other things...) for Thanksgiving for 39 in less than two weeks:-)

  11. I will absolutely be using this tip as I make mashed potatoes (and a few other things...) for Thanksgiving for 39 in less than two weeks:-)

  12. Maybe I will volunteer to do the Thanksgiving taters. It's the peeling I hate.


  13. That's great to know!! I do it with tomatoes when I'm making salsa, but never heard about doing it with a potato!

  14. Ok, that's it! You're a freakin' genius! I live in Utah, right next to Idaho, we have potatoes all the time. How did I not know this??? I might have to feature your brilliance on my blog. For real.

  15. Awesome tip! I used to do this with my dad when he made homemade hash browns for breakfast!

    Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!




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