A Thanksgiving to Remember

Taking it back to 2009. Our dear friends The Brennans were moving back to New Jersey..so a Thanksgiving Feast was in order before they left! Setting the table, mashing potatoes, the smell of Thanksgiving in my home. I will never forget this wonderful day with such sweet friends!

Linda brought this gorgeous flower arrangement...gosh I miss that girl! 
Added the Perfect touch to the table!

And the table was set! I was thrilled to finally use my Grandmas China she left me!

We had fun with the questions on the place cards! The kids loved trying to answer all the questions!

About to get my Stuffin' making on!

Look at all those thumbs up! Looks like my Turkey was a hit!

Gobble Gobble:
What are your turkey plans this year?

Oh and did you happen to see this fantastic trick 
It Works!


  1. I am going to try that potato peeling trick this year since none of the boys like peeling potatos.

    Can you blame them?

  2. Love that picture of you w/ the box...you're all so cute! Have a great trip...XO

  3. That's so sweet! I love the question cards on the table. Have you seen the Thanksgiving Mad Libs by My Sister's Suitcase? I'm going to have my kids (and probably the adults too) do them tomorrow... SO funny!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your cute family, Jen!
    Laurie :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I think I found you via one of my SITS Girls friends. At any rate, I just wanted to tell you that I had a blast watching you "boogie on Reggae woman" (that's a Stevie Wonder song!). You were having fun dancing and I was having fun watching at you dance!

    Keep your boogie going and have a really nice Thanksgiving.

  5. What a nice memory, Jenn. And I love your Grandma's china - do you use it every year now?

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.


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