3 step crock-pot pork chops

I have another Crock-Pot {easy} recipe for you!
What you need:
3-4 Pork Chops {I like boneless}
2 cans cream of chicken condensed soup
garlic salt

Let's Cook!
1. Brown the pork chops over medium heat, sprinkle with garlic salt. {both sides}
2. Place in crock-pot. Pour 2 cans cream of chicken on top
3. Cook on low all day 

These pork chops are tender, juicy and dang tasty! Serve with some mashed potatoes {check out my potato peeling secret here} A fresh loaf of bread and veggie! Dinner is served!

Need more Crock pot inspiration? 


  1. Too funny! I just took porkchops out! Sounds the the perfect easy sunday meal to me! I love rockin my crock on sundays!

  2. Guess what girl...we just got a new crock pot. Husbands appreciation gift after 15 years with the company. Guess what I am making today:) THank you. I just pinned some crock pot recipes yesterday. Have a good one girl.

  3. Nummers buddy! Since pork is cheaper than beef, for now, this is getting pinned stat!

  4. Yum! I love any recipe that uses a crock pot. :)

  5. Yummy! Glad to see you brown your meat first - I always do that because otherwise the meat takes boiled to me. It adds so much more flavour.

    Got pork chops, got crock pot, better get me some chicken soup!

  6. Sounds perfectly yummy, and easy! I just realized I gained 10 lbs. since blogging...EEEK...I bet I could use the Fat Free soup?

  7. I knew I liked you! We make these all the time! Then I dip my pork chops in apple sauce-Brady family style! Yum!


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