Stinky Linky Party Time!

Calling all Craft Fails!

Fails? Yep-- we want the failures, the stinkiest projects out there!

Check out my project fall fail project:
Leaves are falling down, I can't help but want to create something with them! So off I went collecting my leaves- Love all the different colors!

Light bulb moment! 
I am going to make "fall leaf vase"

Easy! Mod Podge the leaves on the glass.. oh it is going to look so pretty!

Gosh darn leaves kept sliding down the bottle- they didn't want to stick for the life of them! 
BUMMER! I quickly wiped it all off .. had to save the bottle! 

So now it is your turn- Let me see your Stinky Projects!


Follow- Or else the wooden spoon comes out!

Only Stinky please. Stinky smell, stinky because it's terrible, stinky because it was a pain in the neck, stinky because you can't take pictures worth squat.

Do NOT link up pretty projects, crafts, and yummy recipes (unless they stink). This party is for the less then perfect. Okay, it's for the awful.That's all. 

That is the only rule. You Stink- Can you handle that? 
We delete the pretty...so don't you do it!

Time: The Stinky Linky Party will run every OTHER weekend from Friday morning until Sunday night.The week with no party will be Feature Friday...the coolest of the cool will be on!

Fun stuff: Take the button- Wear it LOUD!

Last, go and say hi to the hosts- 



  1. That sounded like a great idea, Jen!Darn I'm sorry it didn't work out.

  2. Those darn leaves!! Why do they have to be so heavy. You must have been so frustrated! It's amazing all those colors though...XO

  3. Too bad about the vase, I thought it was a good idea!


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