Stinky Linky Features

Friday! And what comes with Friday? Stinky Linky of course!
We had some great company last week who shared some great "stinks"-- ALL of them were so 
fan-STINKN'tastic that we couldn't even decided on who to feature.

So we will feature them all! Yep All 4 of them but only 1 will get to walk away with the prize... 
The most stinky will get our fabulous designer button: 

Starting with #4...
Western Warmth:
Socks n Sandals {need I say more}

Let's go with #3...
Western Warmth:
Inside out french braid! I would give you a B- not shabby!

#2 goes to...
Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache:
Plaster of Paris-exploded!

And last but not least- Ladies and Gents #1 Stinkiest Link up goes to...

Nutmeg Place:

YIKES! That looks like one hot mess Meg!
Wear that baby proud!

Thank you everyone who linked up, visited and commented! You all make this party a grand time! With the holidays and shuffle crazy busy time ahead, we are going to discontinue the Stinky Party at this time! BUT keep taking photos of your imperfections as we will be back! Thank you everyone for all your support- keep Stinkin' it up!
                                                Love, Jen and Janel


  1. Oh yeah! Hot mess ovah heyah! Proudly wearing that button! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the features, Jen! I have to remember to document my fails more often so I can link up. :) Megan

  3. Never thought to show my fails :-0
    Giggling at the socks and sandals. Oooohhh!! Epic pet peeve.
    Hopped to your blog from FB...
    Cheers, Gee

    Pop on over for a visit some time.

  4. Meg's stairs WERE an epic fail that she transformed beautifully into a beauty! Hey and what's wrong with socks and sandals? My English mother used to make us wear that all the time!!!

    Love this linky feature, Jen. Just a gentle reminder that although the blogging world seems full of perfect people and projects, real life is actually out there. Thanks.

  5. What ever happened to the stinky linky party? It was so much fun, and I have a few real stinkers that are dying to see the light of day! ;)


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