Stinky Linky Features!

Friday already?
I love it!

Well well well it is Stinky Linky Feature time! A big fat high-five to those who came out and linked up last week! We love seeing you fail - no really ...because who is perfect? Umm. Nope not happening, gotta keep it real so thank you for doing just that!

First Feature goes to a lady who is SO not afraid of sharing her "whoopsie daisy" with us- Look at her!

UpCountry Olio is... A MESS! Yes that is paint dripping down her face! You gotta check out her post, she gives fantastic advice on Ladder Safety Tips and why Not to pluck your eyebrows!

Now that the weather is slightly cooler, I need to keep my tootsies warm! These cute DIY slippers caught my eye...until I read..

Really? I think I need to feel them for myself! They look dang good to me! But The Spicy Knitter begs to differ and since she did make them, I believe her! To bad..because they look cozy!

Alright you two STINK POTS grab your Coolio one of a kind prize:

Wear it loud and proud!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies and we will catch ya on the flip side!

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  1. YAY! I can't believe you featured me and my stinky slippers! Thanks a million! By the way, I still have these things hiding deep in the back of my closet. I don't quite have the heart to throw them out, even though they are completely unwearable. I wonder if anyone has a hard time letting go of their stinkies? :)

  2. Two good stinkies!!

  3. I seriously have no pride...none! Who would put a pic like that on their blog. Just doing it for all of you, be safe on ladders! Thanks for the feature!!

    I'm so happy to find the "Stinky Linky" how fun!!


  4. Love it!! Every time I'm on a ladder I fear I'll drop the paint on myself. Great ladies for sharing these stinkies.

  5. I get dizzy on a ladder...(no funny comment required Jen lol)...I am going to check these out right now! :) -Julie


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