DIY Menu Board

Everyday Morning Ride to School:
One of the boys {usually Aaron} always asks...
"What are we having for dinner tonight?"

I finally got smart.

I whipped up a MENU board and I have to tell you- it has answered their questions and saved me from answering them! 

Old Frame
Stencils for the letters
Computer printed M-S sheet
Scrapbook Paper

1. Rip apart your old frame. 
2. Use the cardboard back of the frame and wrap a neutral colored fabric around. Pull tight and hot glue in place.
3. Trace/Cut your MENU letters out of another fabric {your choice} Print out M-S paper on the computer. I glued it to scrapbook paper, then to the neutral fabric.

Finally place it all back in your frame. {This type of frame now turned into a shadow type} 

Using a Dry Erase Marker, write on the glass part of the frame your dinners for the week!

Do you have a Menu Board? What do you love most about it?

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  1. I used to plan out a dinner menu for a month at a time when the boys were young. It was posted on the refrigerator. I stopped doing it after I found out that all of their friends were calling ahead of time to find out what was for dinner.....and then conveniently showing up on days they liked what we were having!

  2. This will make things run smoother!

  3. Love this idea. I'm really trying to organize our life and I've been wanting to make one of these.



  4. I don't meal plan AT ALL. This is a bad thing. Maybe if I make a cute menu board like yours I will be inspired to get my act together!

  5. This is great! I love meal planning it really saves me from going crazy. :) I like the idea of having a board. I will have to remember this when my daughter is a little older asking what's for dinner all the time. :)

  6. I do a weekly (well 2 weeks actually) menu but usually I just scribbled it on a piece of scrap paper and stick it somewhere on the fridge. I always thought it to be shabby chic. Or, at least that is what I convinced Mr. B it was. I think it's time to make a prettier one...like yours!

  7. Love the fabric, love the repurposed frame,love that you made this when I've been meaning to make one for years! :) Way to go!

  8. Easy peasy fun right here. I love this idea Jenn!

  9. Every day my kids would ask what was for dinner. Every day they got the same answer: food. Although, secretly, I had a menu planned each week.

  10. Super cute menu board! I haven't gotten into meal planing at all yet, but this could inspire me. Luckily, since it's just hubby and I right now, we can get away with last minute dinner plans (by which I mean getting pizza delivered, lol).

  11. My girls (almost 13) ask me what's for dinner the minute they walk thru the door after school! You are one super organized gal - usually I say, hmmmm as I'm rummaging through the pantry!

  12. I really love this! Now if I could find the time to make one and stick to the menu, xoxo


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