Stuck in a Blog Funk--Help!

Hi my name is Jen and I am in a Blog Funk.

My fellow Funky Group may ask..."What is a Blog Funk?"

Jen's Definition of a Blog Funk: 
You got no content game. You lack in the style of motivation. You just pin, pin, pin away. You think that you should make/bake that, but you don't. 

Hi my name is Jen and I am in a Blog Funk.

I am funking so bad that I am cleaning, organizing and throwing!

"Quick, somebody give this girl a paint brush!

"And you are showing this to us because....?"

-Oh Because you have NOTHING else to WOW us with!

"Call in the Professionals, this girl is a Hoarder!"
-Count them, 3! Derek is 6...why does she still have these?!

Signs of being a victim of Blog Funk....see below:

"When reading other people's blogs and seeing how creative and clever they are only makes you want to go eat chocolate instead of motivating you to start/continue/finish a project." -- Vanessa @ At The Picket Fence

"I know I'm in a blog funk when I'm not excited to write." --Elena @ `a casarella

"You actually think a post about being in a blog funk is clever!"--Janel@ Nellie Bellie

"Even I'm bored reading my posts!" -- Brooke @ Killer b. Designs

"You ask your husband what you should blog about, while he is watching golf and eating pork skins. And you seriously hope he can answer you." -- Barb @ The Everyday Home

"When you've had a project finished for two weeks, but the thought of staging, taking pictures, and then writing a tutorial is just too overwhelming!" -- Angela @ Unexpected Elegance

"When you would rather clean the toilets than edit photos for a post."-- Cheri @ Its So Very Cheri

"You sit down determined to write something, but even Pinterest hurts your mind, so you end up trolling everyone else's facebook pages instead!" -- Evey @ Sweet Song Bird

How do you treat Blog Funk?

  1. Take a blog break. See if anyone is willing to Guest Post!
  2. Pour a nice beverage, turn up the music and dance.
  3. A night out with the girls, or heck- even a pedicure!
  4. Scrub the toilets, and before you know the urge to paint will be before you.
  5. Stop trying to think of "The Perfect Post" 
  6. Do your thing. Even if it is only 1 post a week...eliminate all the pressure. 
  7. And if you are still in a Blog Funk... Write About it! {I am clearly on this step}

Last but not least. Remember Why you Blog. I know I blog not only to share my clever projects {although I do enjoy that} - But I also blog because I have truly connected with so many amazing ladies. I am in AWE at the talented, sweet and just down to earth Bloggers out there which I am connecting with. These are my friends! And I love them!

In fact...I have to brag about one of them right now. 
Give it up for Hilani who blogs over at Handmade by Hilani. Not only did we hit it off at the bar right away-Word- we both love coffee, talk like we are rappers and 9 years old-BOMB-

And how stinking sweet is she: STOP IT!

This sweet chick-a-dee saw me drinking my Starbucks all "naked" style..and Hooked Me UP!

You need a cute Coffee Sleeve? You are in luck- she has an incredible store, Check it out!

Thank you everyone for letting me just talk my funky self out today!

-- This really has helped! I will be back in action crazy soon- I promise!


  1. um - total blog funk right NOW! It's awful! I'm starting to pull myself out by decorating for fall today - hoping it works!!

  2. I see how it is...don't link to me. Are you ashamed?? No really...this is a great post!! Love it! Your blog funk is working for you! You might need to stay there :)

    1. Janel, she's not ashamed of you! :) The link to you is working, it just doesn't change colors for you. Mine is the same way.

    2. Yes-- Angela nailed it! Not sure why some change colors and some don't! But Thank you all for helping me out with your fab. quotes!

  3. At least your funk makes you productive. I'll procrastinate cleaning all day. Pinning is my favorite form of "I'm doing important blog stuff." Seriously grab some guest posters. Take some time for yourself. It's not about hitting a quota. I cheat and take at least one picture (with my phone) of everything I cook, that way if I funk I can write down the recipe and stick a funny picture at the beginning of the post. You ever notice those. No real intro, but here's some food. Yeah.

  4. Talk like rappers and 9 year olds... you are HILARIOUS!!! Send all the baby butt rash cream my way when you find a few more tubes of it around there, k?! You're great at handling a blog funk- spending lots of time networking is a fabulous way to use your blog funk time productively!
    Laurie :)
    p.s. Tacos from Jack for lunch... that's my prescription to break you out of your blog funk :))

  5. You are very productive in your funk! I love cleaning and organizing when I'm feeling that way too. You are one of my favorite blogs and this post is just one of the reasons why! :) You can come over to my house and do some serious organizing if you are in a funk still. :)


  6. Glad I could help!! Hope you are recovering from the funk and back on your saw horse soon! ;)

  7. Oh my god I am in a serious (like 3-month-long) blog funk. It's terrible. Each time I sit down to write a post, I find something else to distract myself with (even financial forecasts for my business plan!! ack!!).
    Thanks for the laugh, I could relate with EVERY SINGLE QUOTE.
    Ha ha ha!

  8. Maybe it's the weather? I show several of the signs of being funky. After I hit my one year it was like, now what? I seriously had nuttin'! I'm slooowly working my way back into my de-funktified (spell check hates that word!) self but it's taking me some time. And, is it sad that this 54 yr old grandma still says Word too?? I think it's totally rad but my sons....not so much...

  9. Hi, my name is Kim and I definitley have all of the signs and symptoms of Blog Funk. It's great to see I'm not the only one! On a side note, your cabinets look great! Even the 15 bottles of hand soap that are color organized!! Love ya!

  10. I look to you for motivation... Bring My Jen Back....

  11. At you are getting stuff done during your funk?! My last funk found me sitting on the couch watchin The Mentalist all day/night with zero productivity happening.

  12. We've SO all been there girly! Funks come and go, yours will, too. Hang in there, and hugs to ya! Your little guy started kinder this year, right? Maybe you are just in a major Mom Transition. Time to make a Project Bucket List??

  13. What, what!!!!! You know u da bomb yo!! Love this post and you're too sweet to share me with your friends. Loving you back funy girl. Xo

  14. You are my Rock Star! You may be feeling blogging funky but you still write the best posts ever! :o)

  15. Love this post ...:) I thought I was coming out of a funk but today I'm back to blah ...:(

  16. Don't ya just hate it when that funk monster gets to hangn' round,I just want to "bust a move" and "break out" with some crazy stuff,just blog and have fun,that's what it's all about,having fun,I don't blog for profit,it's just enjoyment to me and I try not to make a job out of it....so get that funk monster out ya head,and please keep posting this fun stuff.

  17. I've been in a blog funk for a while, but am treating it like a 'new direction' for my blog :) Pinterest is way more interesting than anything else these days...but it's helping me get some ideas for my new-ish home. Wish it could provide motivation!!

  18. I declare you officially un-funkitized...I can not believe I writing that word, but I am so go get funky girl!!! XO I recently was finding myself on FB too much so I finally put my foot down and stopped. One thing leads to the next and I end up wasting too much time. Here I am again...on FB looking at your post...lol! Great post Jen!

  19. Let's try this again! Blog funks stink! I kind of felt like that last weekend. I went to Homegoods and Michael's this weekend, and saw all of the fall stuff,and boom...it's back. Think about fall decor maybe?

  20. Blog funks stink!! It seems whenever I have tons of ideas, I have NO TIME to blog about them, and then when I have tons of time, I have NO IDEAS! lol I love that even your "about nothing" posts make me laugh. Hope the Jack in the Box tacos helped!! :)

  21. You are hilarious. What a fun post, sorry you are in a funk! But I have a feeling you are going to be out of it soon :)

  22. You've come out of your funk - yeah!! 3 bottles of Desetin & A&D - reminds me of all of the Boudreaux's Butt Paste I used to have on hand for my girls! Every time we walk down the drug store aisle and spot it, we all laugh!

    My favorite - have a drink with the girls. That can work wonders on a funk of any kind.

  23. Oh Jen, only you could turn a funk into a party! My go-to cure for a funk or simply when I haven't completed/baked/organized/planted anything is to haul out an older posting that was a favorite - kind of like a "classics collection" of posts. And I walk away from it for a few days.

    Maybe it's all the pressure to make everything "fall" right now when is 90 degrees outside that is putting so many of us in a funk.

    Thanks for my morning chuckle - I can just see you rapping over your Starbucks :-)

  24. I don't think your diagnosis is blog funk. I am quite sure the cure for blog funk is not cleaning stuff!

    ~Dr. Bliss~

  25. Got funk? Just means you've got soul. Hang in there. We all suffer from it once in a while.

  26. LOL! Or you could just disappear from blogland for 2 weeks like I'm doing. HA! Although I did get a sideboard painted and my gallery wall is finally... on the wall! Just needed a week of "being me" and no blogging, thinking about blogging... or facebook... or PRESSURE! And you know what? If I don't feel like coming back on the the 10th... *gasp* I might just take a few more days. :D Cheer up, sweetie! It just means you've been doing too much awesomeness that you just can't handle being YOU. ;) Love ya!

  27. I love this post! Hello. My name is Brittany and I haven't blogged in 21 days....

  28. I have been in such a blog funk!! With the move and other life issues, I've had no time to blog or read blogs. BUT I did just throw up a post about how I was once a bobcat. I'm desperate.
    Miss you girly!


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