Stinky Linky Party- LIVE!

Are You Ready??! Stinky Linky Party is LIVE in 3, 2, 1...!

Before I let you get your Stinky On, I wanted to share my top 5---

Jen's TOP 5 Worst smells:

1. dog poop
2. cigarette smoke
3. burnt popcorn
4. dead fish
5. feet

Jen's TOP 5 Favorite smells:
1. clean laundry
2. welcome home scentsy bars
3. cookies/cake/bread baking
4. fresh flowers
5. lemon cleaners

Can you relate to any of my top 5's? I would love to hear some of yours....feel free to spill the smells in the comments below! 

Rules Schmules..gotta lay em down, here we go:

Only Stinky please. Stinky feet smell, stinky because it's terrible, stinky because it was a pain in the neck, stinky because you can't take pictures worth squat.

Do NOT link up pretty projects, crafts, and yummy recipes (unless they stink). This party is for the less then perfect. Okay, it's for the awful.That's all. 

That is the only rule. You Stink- Can you handle that? 
We delete the pretty... <-- we really do! 

Time: The Stinky Linky Party will run every OTHER weekend from Friday morning until Sunday night.The week with no party will be Feature Friday...the coolest of the cool will be on!

Let me see that Stinky Roll... to the left, to the left, to the front, to the front, now slide-slide-slide baby-slide!  GO!

Psst.. and Remember ... Nellie Bellie and I roll out the red carpet for you linker up-ers! FB Shout outs, Twitters- maybe it's your lucky day and a feature? Who knows..so Deal? or No Deal?


  1. I've never linked up to a party before... hope I'm doin' it right! I just saw this and *had* to share my stinkiest knitting project ever!! lol.

  2. I linked up my pain in the neck wreath! Thanks Jen! You always bring a smile to my face! :)

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