Stinky Linky Features

TGIF! We made it you guys!
Last Friday we had some awesome peeps party with Nellie Bellie and I!
Stinky Linky Feature Time----

A Step in the Journey  Blew It up! WOW I mean look at those things! What are they? I wish I could tell you....head over Laura Beths and find out! 

M double M really tried her best- she gets an A++ for the effort! This is what we call...."A Transfer Attempt" - Monica you rock for sharing this hot mess with us!

Thank you everyone for sharing all your Stinky Projects last week

Monica and Laura Beth...please wear it proud!

Don't forget to head over to Nellie Bellie and see some Chicken Butt! Not kidding!

Last, Today I am guesting over at 4 you with Love And sharing something you need to see! So go! {pleaseeeee}


  1. Jen, You and your posts always put a HUGE smile on my face!


  2. These are great! Headed to check them out now.

  3. Hahaha, very good. There is too much perfection out there in Bloglandia. A nice dose of reality, these stinky linkys.

  4. Not only does the Stinky Linky Party make me laugh, it also let's me know I'm not the only "normal-and-far-from-perfect" person out here.

  5. Woohoo! Thanks for the stinky feature. I knew my hot mess would be good for something ;)

  6. Oh Wow!! Thanks for including my BLOW UP...and it was a blow up :o) Happy Monday

  7. Jen I love these! I need to start taking pics of my craft fails instead of cursing them and throwing them in the trash!


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