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Rise and Shine! It's a great day...and I have a crazy treat for you all! Heather over at Setting for Four is here! Yes she is! This girl is not only a wonderful friend, but crazy in the the talent department! Take it away Heather!

Hello {Four Marrs One Venus} Readers!!!  I am so thrilled to be here at Jen's amazing blog to guest post today!  
I'm Heather and I blog at {Setting for Four}. 

Setting for Four

I'm an Army wife and mom of two teens with a passion for family friendly design that won't break the bank or sacrifice style!  Swing by my blog sometime and say hello! 

Hello from Setting for Four!

When Jen invited me to share my DIY Burlap Hurricane Sleeve Tutorial I jumped at the chance to be a part of her inspirational blog! So here's the tute!:
Fall is the season to add texture to our homes and what better way to do this than with burlap?  This DIY Burlap Hurricane Sleeve project is a quick and easy way to dress up your candles for autumn. Burlap is easy to find, inexpensive and almost foolproof to work with.

Burlap Hurricane Sleeves from Setting for Four


  • 1 candle hurricane - I bought mine from the Dollar Store (I think its supposed to be a vase!)
  • 1 piece of burlap.  Cut width to the size you want - either to cover the hurricane completely or (like I did) a bit shorter to let the glass show on top.  Cut the length to 1 inch wider than the hurricane diameter.  You will have a rectangle.
  • Glue Gun and glue stick.
  • Straight pins

- Roll the burlap piece into a tube with short sides together and pin together so that you can test to see if the sleeve will fit over the hurricane easily.  (If you make the tube too small it won't slide over the hurricane.) 
- Hot glue the 2 shorter sides together so that one side overlaps the other. 
- Slip the burlap sleeve onto the hurricane.
Enjoy!...that's it - simple and done!!

Candle hurricanes look great on a tray placed on your coffee table:

Burlap Hurricane Sleeves from Setting for Four

Metal Owl from Pottery Barn, Wicker Pumpkins (by fireplace) from Target:
Burlap Hurricane Sleeves from Setting for Four

I love how these burlap hurricane sleeves give that natural touch to my living room and they look wonderful when the candles are lit!!

Burlap Hurricane Sleeves from Setting for Four

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Thanks Jen for inviting me to guest post at your fantastic blog, it's so much fun to be here today!!



WOW! What did I tell you guys...she is pretty fantastic! 
Thank you very much Heather for sharing all your Fall Fun with us!
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