Shark Birthday Party

Kicking off Shark Week with Derek's Shark Party!
Let's Do This!

Before you read on, you should know something about me. I really don't "do" birthday parties. I don't like going to them, or throwing them. I usually just keep it family and simple. So with that said, Derek was turning 6 and wanting, really wanting a Shark Party.  The guilt got me. I have never thrown this kid a party.. so Shark On! I was going to do this! With the help of Pinterest this Shark Party was off the Cove! So let's cut the chatter.. and onto the pictures!

Of course the scene needs to be set... so click play and then dive in!

Here we go!

Shark Zone Sign to Welcome the Guppies! 
"Paradise Present Lagoon" to drop off the goods!
 Birthday Tree {read how to make here}

Flip Flop Cookies
Shark Watermelon
Shark Grub {uncrustables pb&j}
Sun Chips
Shark Bait
Shark Skewers 
Shark Bling {ring pops}
Straight up Shark Sugar {pixie sticks}
Shark Fin Cupcakes

The hit of the party... Ocean Water Jello! 

Color Tables are always a hit! Wrap your table up with brown paper. I drew some sharks on the paper so the kids picked one when they got to the party, wrote their name on the shark...and that is where they sat!

Treasure Hunt Time! 

X Marks The Spot for some digging fun!

Grab your brown bag and get out of the hot sun!

Stay under the umbrella, grab a Shovel and Dig!

Keep the sand in the sandbox.. you aren’t a Pig!

What are you looking for? 
Three different bags full of goodies and prizes
So hurry on now, Time is expiring’!

Jump Jump Jump it up!
A great way to tucker them out!

Water Fun!
With 100 Degree Heat kicking...I had to keep them cool! Water balloons and water guns got the job done!

Derek told me over and over that this was "the best birthday ever!" He also told me that he can't wait until his next party! What did I just do?!

Happy Birthday Derek!

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  1. Oh em gee - looks like so much fun! You rocked the party girl! You get the 'Cool Mom Award" fo'sure! YOu did tons of photo editing and collages too - who-whee!!! So ironic you started your post out with a song from Youtube!!! I just did the same thing for my last post Our Move - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Great smart minds think alike ;)

  2. So cool, Jen! My daughter said and I quote, "That looks so cool!" and "That looks so fun!" Yep, pretty much sums it up. Great job, girlfriend! :)

  3. I've been looking forward to this post and it did not disappoint!! :) The food and treats are amazing! Love the cupcakes and the shark watermelon! I think all the activities are so fun!! And a shark bounce house too?? I would've loved this party for myself!! :) I bet the kids had an absolute blast!!

  4. What a fun looking party! I love the shark theme. Happy Birthday to your son.


  5. It looks like such a fun birthday!! I'm glad your son had such a great time. Awesome food ideas! Now you are in good for all of the birthdays to come!lol!

  6. Adorable birthday party! Very cute food ideas!


  7. Coolest party ever!!! Every detail is amazing! Going to share on fb right now, cause it is crack a lackin!

  8. You rocked it!!! Yay yay! I'm not nearly as cool a mom as you!

  9. Way to go mom! Super awesome party!! Tell Derek we love him and to stop growing so fast!! Good grief, we have to get down there for a visit. I need my toes done!

  10. Super cute! I love Shark Week! Watching now :)

  11. Love it!!!!You had so many amazing things! I think you were right, though, you just set your bar really high for a new and exciting party every year!

  12. This could not have turned out cuter! You did a fantastic job! My kiddo wants to be a shark for Halloween!

  13. You did an amazing job!! I love those flip flop cookies. What great ideas. Megan

  14. Such a fun party! So glad you son and his friends had a great time!

  15. What a great time! So wish we loved closer! You rocked the food on this one!

  16. Looks like they all had a super awesome time! The decor and food is perfect! And the treasure hunt? Genius! Happy belated birthday to your baby boy (they are always are babies!)

  17. I absolutely adore it!!! You did such an awesome job, Jen!! :D

  18. Oh what an adorable party. Good job momma, especially since you never throw parties.

  19. That is awesome Jenn..every little boys dream. Thanks for linking up to the party.

  20. What a fun and fabulous party. I love the flip flop cookies! Jaws still scares me!

  21. Toooo cute! That looks like so much fun! I love all the little details...the Sun Chips made me laugh; perfect! The watermelon shark, the cupcakes...all of it, Jen! You're a fabulous party planner and a fabulous mama!

  22. Now that is a fun party! I have a family of grown boys and one man who have been watching shark week, how funny to make them a night time shark themed dinner? If I had the ambition that is.


  23. Jen, this is so awesome! I can't believe you don't "do" birthday parties and still put all this fabulousness together. Love the flip flop cookies, shark watermelon, and jello. I always wrap our kitchen table with butcher paper for parties and leave out crayons. I take pictures of the drawings and the kids stay happy. The treasure hunt is a really cool idea. You're so great!

    1. Hi Doll Face! You've been featured at Wednesday Whatsits. Thanks for linking up! http://www.whitelightsonwednesday.com/2012/08/wednesday-whatsits-23.html

  24. What a great party! Love all the fun, homemade details. For someone who doesn't "do" parties, you sure did a great job! :)

  25. Oh Jen, what a great looking party y'all had. I'm sure Derek will remember this one forever!!

  26. I am inviting you to come and share this in my Show Your Stuff blog hop:

  27. Gosh this is so cute! Great job! Looks like it was a good time for all.


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