How to link Blogger to Go Daddy

I did it! I bought my .com and it looks stunning in my URL bar- sparkling stunning!
You want to see? I am a sharer:
{sparkle} http://www.fourmarrsonevenus.com/2012/08/how-to-link-blogger-with-go-daddy.html {glitter sparkles}

So I decided to write up a quick post as to how I ended up linking my blogger account {blogspot.com} and my Go Daddy account {.com}

 I was a stressed out lady yesterday trying to figure this all out, and then when I couldn't get my blog to show up... I turned to my FB crowd and they assured me that my blog still existed - {deep breath Jen}

Step 1 
Buy your domain. I used Go Daddy. It was $13.00 for the year- and I would be legit...a .com  !! Crazy- for 13 bucks? Why did I not do this sooner?

Step 2
Log into Blogger
1. Click Settings
2. Click Publishing
3. Click Advance Settings
Select that you have bought a domain already. Type in your domain in the allotted space. Make sure the redirect box is checked. Save settings.  

NOW stay in there, after you save your settings, under the redirect checked box it may say your domain settings is not complete, click the little "learn more" link. This will take you to another window. Select yes I bought my domain, with Go Daddy. Then type in your domain name, and select OK. This will automatically configure the DNS settings on Go Daddy side in order to link everything together! Save settings and you should be good! 

-- Keep in mind it can take up to an hour to show all your changes..be patient! Don't stress like me, it's going to be ok. Your readers still see your blog.. you may not, but they can!

Step 3
Log into Go Daddy
1. Click My Account
2. Click Domains/ Launch
3. Select your Domain connected with blogger

You want it to say up at the top "Great News! The new DNS Manager is live"  {Don't see it yet? Give it an hour to update}

Now I also want to just show you what my Domain Details looks like. { I wish I had this when I was trying to set up.. so many choices/options I wasn't sure what I should have checked and not checked}

So this is my current Domain Settings/ Details- And Like I said, my .com is fully functioning and blogger account is fully redirected to my .com domain..looking nice as ever! So here you go:

Domain Information:
Locked: Unlocked
Forwarding: Off

{when you click Set Nameservers} it should be set on the "I have a hosting account with these domains"

Domain Enhancements:
Privacy: Off
Domain Ownership Protection: Off
Certified Domain: No certification
Domain Appraisals: No appraisals
Premium Listings: No premium listings
Cash Parking: Disabled
Business Registration: Off

DNS Manager:
Click Launch DNS Manager
This is what mine looks like:

Manually add points:

Also Manually add   ghs.google.com

If you have to add anything in your DNS settings then make sure you remember to SAVE

-Back to Domain Manager

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Hosting: Hosted here
Email Accounts: 1 email account
InstantPage: Activated
Domain Variations Bundle: Options available

TLD Specific
Not Applicable

Hopefully showing you my Domain Manager Details helps you see what your setting should be in order for your .com to Fully Function! Any questions? Need me to test your .com for you to see if it's all good? Let me know, I would love to! 

Enjoy your .com  and Congrats! We are hanging with the big girls now! 

Linking up this Tutorial Here!


  1. Congrats Jen! It's looking great :)

  2. Excellent Jen! I thought about doing that a couple of weeks ago but checked my name at go daddy and it is taken. I'd have to have a similar name or one with hyphens all through it, not too happy with that. Glad you got yours up and running. Quick dumb question~now the only difference in your blog is that you don't have to type in the blogspot.com? Are you planning on leaving blogspot as your hosting site? That was the reason I was searching a couple of weeks ago.

  3. LOVE that you did this! I need to go back and make sure my stuff is set up correctly...maybe this will help me with my needing the www. part of the addy to make it work! You look fab all sparkly and dot-com-y over here! ♥

  4. I wish I would have had this exact tutorial when I switched over...great info, Jen!

  5. (sniff) My baby girl is all growed up (sniff)! Welcome to the big time :-) You look Fab-U-Lous!

  6. Silly question I know, remember I am a newby to all this! But what is the benefit of buying your own domain .com instead of using blogger?

    Remember newby, doesn't know anything about anything. :o)

  7. Oh boy - wish I had the nerve - all this tech stuff freaks me out. But I think it's time I put my big girl pants on and took the leap. After I cower in the corner for a while.

  8. Ok... #1- this is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the timely tutorial. I'm soooo excited to switch mine over. #2- I felt so confident reading this until I got to the "I manually added these numbers" part and then I ran for a glass of wine because it totally freaked me out! So, it will give me a set of numbers to enter? And all that stuff after that is what your settings are/what it looks like, or did you ENTER that stuff yourself? #3- You are AMAZING!
    Laurie :)

  9. Oh.my.gosh. can you just come do it for me?! I want to change my blog address sooo bad to JustSimplyLive instead of thesousakids but this all seems soooo confusing.....how long did it take you?

  10. I just did the same thing through Google - $10/year and seamless transition. Congrats!

  11. this is a great tutorial and when I am ready I will be a knocking for help !! Thanks!!


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