GYCO Winner... Robyn's View

Robyn's View

Was the Big Rock Star, Out of this Park Winner Winner Chicken Dinner of the... 

Get your Chef On Cooking Challenge!

This Girl can not only cook mean things, but she creates amazing homemade items:

And of course I leave you with this:    The Winning Cake!

Sweet Moses! 

Robyn is so down to earth, and has the sweetest tone. 
You really will love her!

You can find her on Facebook, Google +,  Pinterest and of course over at her Blog

Round 3 of #GYCO is coming soon- stayed tuned!


  1. That cake looks amazing...so do her other ideas. Megan

  2. wa ha! From foot cream to a yummy cake...she is well diversified!

  3. Nummm...I'm trying to eat better...this does not help:) I could eat that cake all by myself!

  4. Wow! Robyn is my new hero! From doggie shampoo to a cake that made me bite my monitor! thanks for introducing Robyn to us Jen. Off to go follow her now ♥

  5. Such a scrumptious cake and fantastic ideas to boot! The foot cream almost looks good enough to eat. lol Thanks so much for sharing Robyn with us...going over to visit her now. :-)

  6. Wow, this cake looks amazing! Congratulations to Robyn.

    Can't wait to see what the next challenge is!!

  7. I am worried if I go find Robyn that my butt will get bigger. But she probably makes a cream for that huh? Vanishing cream?


  8. Ooh, that is an awesome picture and looks SO good!! Cognrats Robyn! I'm so sad I missed this GYCO!! I can't wait to see what the next surprise ingredient is! :)


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