DIY Duck Tape Textbook Cover

So one of my great blog friends Janel over at Nellie Bellie is The Queen of Duck Tape! She creates so many things out of this stuff... and I thought, I need to give this stuff a whirl!

Aaron is in 8th grade and has 14 textbooks {kidding..but gosh so many} that he was assigned. They drew his blood and he had to give oath that he would not damage these books- or else he will pay a bazillion amount of $$ to replace them. 

Duck Tape popped into my head immediately when I found out we needed to "handle these babies with ultimate care!" 

So off to Walmart it was...AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Which then caused my face to do this-    
                                                                                    ...{DUCK FACE!}

I ended up with the bright green {because bright colors are in..did you know that?} blue and a paint splattered style {kind of like paintball splats? maybe?}  I checked online and Walmart has even more different styles---HERE!

Are you still there? 
Work with me!

{or should I say Quack?!}

I honestly wasn't sure if this would be "cool" enough for Aaron...my big 8th grader. But I am happy to report he gave me 2 thumbs up and a "Mom that looks good!"  

1 point for Me!

Question: Do you Duck Tape with a Duck Face? 
Answer: It will win you cool points, think about it!

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  1. Woo-Hoo. You're in then! Always good to get the thumbs up from the kids :)

  2. so fun! I love the pinkish chevron one...but it was a little too girly for your 8th grade boy I guess :-)

  3. Awesome, Jen! LOVE this and it's going to be so durable! :D

  4. This is so cute...what a great idea...I love super cute uses for Duck Tape...just make sure you are using your DUCK FACE while creating :)

  5. Yep, if the young guy said they were good, they were AWESOME!!

  6. Yes, ma'am! Totally stealing this! Cam had to pay $48 just to take his books home, and then we pay extra if they are damaged...guess who is covering his books? Ummmm...that would be me! Thanks for the tute, chicky!

  7. Cool. It's hard to impress a 8th Grader. Plus the bonus is he can't really write on them and wreck your designs.

  8. Awesome! And you got the thumbs up, can't beat that. Great idea, it should work well. Found your project at You're Gonna Love It.

  9. If an 8th grade boy gives thumbs up to anything his (sigh, then roll eyes) mother does then it's a huge WIN! Great job Jen! Thanks for sharing at the party! I Love It ♥

  10. This is awesome! I love all the different colors and patterns of duct tape available now. It makes the project possibilities endless!

  11. I lurvs the new patterned duck tape. Aww, we can't see the duck face pic of you!

    Popped in from Gonna Love It.


  12. What an INSPIRED idea.... you need to share that on our ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY that starts tonight at 8 central.... ( pardon the commercial interruption...hehehe)
    I LOVE Duct tape.... Duct tape is your friend... I am so going to do this with some of my own school books since they're rentals... How kewl.... and a Duck face.... O baby can I make a duck face....
    P.S. Check my blog out Thursday afternoon there's going to be something you might just like not to mention a small tribute to you my mentor of all things musical.. hehehe! Can't wait!

    Love your post darlin... you so ROCK IT!!!


  13. Love it! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

  14. That is a great idea. It will also be water-resistant which could be extra useful during the winter.

  15. Jen Jen, your duck tape book cover turned out awesome! Who knew that stuff came in all those colors and patterns?! {making that duck face now too...too funny!} ;)

  16. It looks great! My nephew made a wallet out of duck tape. And the summer art programs has a whole class on making things with the duck tape and the kids love it. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  17. Love your duck face and LOVE your textbook cover! You're AWESOME and HILARIOUS and AMAZING and FABULOUS.. and.. the list goes on.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  18. What a great idea! I like your face too..lol

  19. I saw all this duct tape at Walmart and of course thought of all my blogging friends. This is such a cute idea!

  20. Quack, quack. Thanks for linking up.

    Wub ya.

  21. Love this! Thank you so much for linking this great project up to the Pinworthy Projects Party over at Just Us Four!

  22. Hi Jen,
    Duck face...hahaha! I'm so that I'm following you, what a clever idea! Thanks for posting on the All Star Block Party.


  23. Lol! Washi Tape tex book covers, Duck Tape text book covers... Great minds think alike!

  24. This is awesome! My girls are going to want zebra striped ones ASAP! Also, that's my favorite duck face everrrr!


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