Craft Fail

Welp. I would love to share with you my pretty petunias that are overgrowing in a one of a kind clay pot that was handcrafted from London - And also the beautiful butterflies that I hand fed while they were hatching out of their sweet cocoons. 

Truth is I can't. Not today- but you want to see my Craft Fail?
Ummm.hmmm. I know you do! 

Isn't it funny when you have this Fantastic Ah-Ha moment in your head of a clever craft- and then it just ka-poots right in front of your eyes? No it is not funny! 

But this one is kind of funny, and I did laugh... so I give you permission to do the same!

FAILED! This pretty ugly little Tier Serving Thing made its way right into the trash.

I know you have these fail projects, and just projects that are darn ugly-- GUESS WHAT! There is a Linky Party out there FOR YOU! Yes- YOU

wait for it!
I am Co-Hosting this Party! 

ME! {pointing to myself with the biggest grin on my face!}

Nellie Bellie has hosted her Stinky Linky Party over 
sometime..and It's Back- with some added Jen Flair- so get ready!
Tomorrow is the Big Day! What's that? You won't be able to sleep tonight?  I know me either- call me!


  1. That's awesome! At least you tried, right?!? Stinky Linky yay!!!

  2. ha!! that is terrible. Really awful. No worries...I have one for tomorrow too. It's bad. Sad thing...I spent a LOT of time on it. Ugh.

  3. Hilarious!!! Glad to see I'm not the only one that has craft fails! Thanks for making me feel better about myself!!

  4. LOVE IT! Been there! In case you're wondering....You can't HOT GLUE or use spray adhesive on Styrofoam either. Trust me. Don't ask. Just take my word for it. xo

  5. I've been the victim of craft fails lately too. I liked the timber reference..you are hilarious. Megan

  6. Wow! It's like you got in my head and knew what my very next post was going to be!!!! I'll be up late composing said post tonight! Call me!

  7. Funny! But that would have been cute at a pool party!

  8. LOVE this! You always bring a smile to my face! :D

  9. Hilarious! I need to start documenting my craft fails...there are quite a few! Can't wait for the Stinky Linky!


  10. Ha! I'm so used to seeing amazing creative projects (that I doubt I could pull off- what't the opposite of a green thumb for crafting? well I have that.) But kuddos for trying :)

    If you'd like, please join us for Photo Friday Blog Link-Up tomorrow. Simply add a favorite photo from your blog (it's okay if it is part of a post) and share the linky-love.


  11. lol! Love it. I end up with lots of strange fails. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Haha! A stinky linky party sounds fun!! I'm sure I'll have LOTS of material for it!! Have a great weekend!!

  13. In a blogging world of perfection, it's good to see that we're all not perfect. And I thought it was just me who didn't have photoworthy, pinterestable projects every time! Thanks for keeping it real.

  14. Are good ideas like good intentions? The sometimes end up in a stinky place? Honestly, it seems like it should've worked...

  15. The first thing about craft fails. You don't talk about craft fails.


    Apparently, you're just supposed to take pictures and blog about them :)


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