#BloggersDance Finale!

The cat is out of the bag that:

A. I like to Dance
B. I like to Sing
C. I like to play dress up
D. I like to make people laugh

Kerry's HouseTalkN Bloggers Dance Link Party has allowed me come alive and really show you who I am!

For this Last Finale Dance...I wanted something that would blow your toenails off.

I wanted some help, help from my Facebook Readers! 
So I asked.

 ·  · 

Do you see all those wonderful songs up there? 
Uh. Yeah-- Bomb-age Yo!

It's time to get F-U-N-K-Y!

Are your toenails still on? Hope not.
I hope you smiled, sang along and almost peed your pants!

Want more? I know you do!


  1. AWESOME!!! Girl you are an example for everyone who tries to be someone they are not! I LOVE IT!! Thank you for sharing this with us all!

  2. Fabulous!!!!

    I am so glad that #bloggersdance brought us together.

  3. Oh my hilarious, Jen! I love me some JT!!! Break it down girl!

  4. Bust a Move was awesome until I got to Humpty Dance! I thought you were going to throw you back out on the one move! Or maybe that's just me and my old age talking! You are so fantastic!

  5. OH man this just made my day! Even Ellery started singing along (although she was singing ABCs?!) haha. I especially appreciated the outfit changes.

  6. Sh$&! That was awesome. I think there should be a #bloggersdance conference. Yup. We would absolutely be so HAWT.

  7. You slay me.. my sides hurt from laughing..... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!



  8. OMG, you seriously are so funny!!! I think we need to do a blogger group dance video. Like Boats and Hoes...

  9. I really shouldn't try to drink coffee and watch you dance at the same time! ROTF!


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