Need a Grocery Pick Me Up?

Grocery Schmocery.
I know I am not the only one out there that thinks this!

Every Sunday morning I make the weekly trip between 8-9am.
I shop Winco.
Why? Because it is cheap.
BUT you have to hit Winco early to miss all the "interesting people"

Which brings me back to why I shop Sunday Morning.
Everyone is at church OR Still in bed. Who wants to shop on a Sunday Morning?... Me.
I like to get in and out, spend as little time there as possible.
Because I really dislike grocery shopping.
If only it was like a trip to HomeGoods.

Also, it is KEY to have good driving tunes on your way to that lame Grocery Store.
Scroll through the channels until something just "Hits Ya"
And then when it hits ya...
Don't be shy!
Sing it.
You are by yourself! Let those other drivers stare at you!
Who cares- sing like you can hit those high notes...because You can!

This happened to me this morning, yep. A bad jam it just "Hit Me"


So if you ever need grocery pick me up.
Turn it up.
And bust it Out.
Works for me Every Single Time!


  1. You girl, are FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!!!! ROTF!!!!!!!!

  2. I love going to the grocery store! I agree, though, that there has to be a good soundtrack to/from the store. I know if a Journey song is on the radio on the way there, it'll be a good trip.

  3. I detest the grocery store. Love Winco too. Look out JBJ, Jen is rockin' da vehicle! <3 ya Jen!! LOL

  4. OMG you are too funny! We go to church tonight, so I was at the grocery store this morning today too! Not as cool as that though!! :):) So fun!! :) And yes, I rock out the chorus of most songs too. lol

  5. Oh my God! Bon Jovi called, he needs you to join the tour stat! Love it love it love it!

  6. You are hilarious!!! If only we could grocery shop together! I sent my hubby tonight... wahoo, such a good man! :-) We don't have Winco here!

  7. "Oh Hi Police officer... I was just making a music video for my blog!!!"

  8. Love!! I think grocery shopping might just be okay if I wore a hat to cover my bad hair and listened to terrible music. Of course, I need to be sure the music is SOOO loud that everyone around me also has to listen to it.
    When you come visit...we'll go grocery shopping. For fun...ha!

  9. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh I love it!

  10. This made me smile for like 20 minutes straight. You are my favorite person in the whole wide world. YOU ROCK!!!

    Also... I shop Winco, too! I looooove me some bulk section! Plus, it's literally a 1 minute drive from my house (yay!)

    <3 Devi

  11. You've lost your marbles Jen. But that's okay. xoxo

  12. You are hysterical! Freaking love you. Good call on getting there before church is out! We usually go to breakfast sundays and if we don't get up to get there right before 10 we don't go because it gets so crazy crowded! haha This sunday it's on!!!!

  13. That was so funny and crazy, I do the same thing, I only know choruses and love to hear good tunes when I am running errands. I usually go grocery shopping early in the morning after I drop the kids off to school though.

  14. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.........I AM the rock star in the car!! So funny!


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