Stop, Collaborate and Stencil!

And yes, I did wear my MC Hammer Pants & Styled my hair like Vanilla Ice while I got my stencil on! Word Up! Many have asked....and look no further! Today I am showing you how to stencil using a All Over Stencil! I went with the Hourglass All Over Stencil by Cutting Edge! Also, make sure to grab the Stencil Essentials they offer! It comes with a clip on stencil {good stuff} and a roller! Just what you need..so add that baby to your cart! OK, lets get started shall we?

1. Get all your supplies!
2. I wanted a sheer look to my wall with this stencil. I choose the FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint and used only 2 bottles for my entire wall! I purchased it at Hobby Lobby.
3. Use Painters Blue Tape and Prep all walls

4. Get your paint ready to roll
5. Using your Cutting Edge Clip on Level, clip the the bottom of the stencil. And then tape your stencil up when in the correct placement.
6. Roll your paint over the stencil. I liked starting from the top and worked my way to the bottom. I did have to take the stencil and wipe it as the paint did build up just a little bit. {Make sure you pay attention--don't take ANY phone calls-- as you want to line up the stencil so it matches up every row} Don't make the mistake I did! ha!
7. Looking Pretty!

What I love:
The soft sheen look to this finish
The easy transformation of a wall
It adds the perfect touch to my room without heavy painting

I also love the fact that I was able to coordinate the stencil with my other wall display {the chicken wire monogram display} They do work very well together!
From start to finish I would say this wall took me about 7 hours. I am beyond in love with my Soft, Subtle Hourglass Wall! If you want a quick and easy transformation to a wall/room....stencil it up baby! 
Yo Vanilla, Kick One Time Booooyyyyyy!


  1. Please tell me you're also sporting a high top like Vanilla Ice.

    Great work on the stencil. I will never be able to tackle such a project--I have no eye for detail!

  2. LOVE it!! I adore the metallic sheen you have going on now :) You did wonderful!!!!!

  3. That is super pretty! I have been thinking of doing something similar. My bedroom has the only flat wall in my house! I won a CES and have not used it yet. That looks really great. I like the soft effect =)

  4. Once again you take something and make it look toooo easy! 7 hours you say? I wonder if my patience could last that long?? LOL! Yours looks so straight and even! Mine, bet me a Grande Starbucks, your choice, mine would look like a messy up puzzle done by a 6 month old LOL! Seriously, It turned out beautifully! It is indeed the perfect focal wall in your room!

  5. Jen this looks amazing! Wow, maybe I'll totally copy you and do our wall too - it does totally transform that space! Did you find all your supplies at Hobby Lobby .. I have not yet been in that store. I think I'll start with a bathroom wall and then move on to the big space! :) Thanks for sharing! You go girl!

  6. It is gorgeous! I still haven't used mine...I'm not sure where I want to use it...I'm thinking foyer floor?


  7. Great Job. I love it!! You must have a lot of patience.
    Hey I would love for you to participate in Mason Jar Blog Swap I'm hosting. Come check it out.

  8. Love the look the stencil creates. It looks so pretty!

  9. Word! I love the pattern you chose as well as the paint color. I've really got to get my stencil on. Thanks for inspiring.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  10. All right stop. Collaborate and listen-
    Jen is back with a stencil that will glisten-
    She grabs 'ahold of that foam roller tightly-
    Lettin' that craft paint flow daily and nightly-
    Will she ever stop-
    Yo, I don't know-
    A 7 hour project seems kinda slow-
    To the extreme she rocks her blog like a vandal-
    Next up, maybe installin' a new door handle-

    Bahahaha....I can rap that entire song! Love the stencil! I just ordered one for my daughters room. It's on my summer to-do list.

    Happy Friday Yo!

  11. I awarded you and your blog on my blog today stop over and check it out ..

    <3 B

  12. I am loving this Jen... I love this so much I'm pinning it.. this really rocks! It looks freaking fantastic!!!!! I always shy away from stenciling on the walls so afraid I'll mess it up.. but you've got me thinking.. I LOVE IT!!!!


  13. You did SUCH a good job!! I love the subtle factor too! :) It totally dresses up the wall but still acts as a neutral. Well done chica!! PS -- yes, where are the Vanilla Ice photos? lol :)

  14. Love the look of your new wall! The tone in tone thing totally rocks! Can you come over and paint my wall too? ;-)

  15. Love the wall, and your monogram picture is really cute too! Is this the stencil you won?!? I'm in such a happy place with all the Vanilla Ice-ness right now. I'm having Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle flashbacks, haha!

  16. Love it! Maybe I should break out that stencil I won, oh about 4 months ago! I'm just so intimidated by it! Love your energy!

  17. Jen!! That's totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!! When are you coming over to do my bedroom wall?

    Thanks soooo much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Don't forget to stop by this evening and link up your newest creations! :)


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