Splish Splash Blog Bash ~ Summer Threads

Summer Threads!

When I am not in my Suit or P.J.s ... You can usually find me in:

Hats! Perfect for pool, beach and bad hair days!

My Friend Toni bought my these this year- I LOVE them! My Favorite Sandals this Summer!

Love Me Some Capris! {My hub calls them clam diggers--whatever!}

Oh man- I LIVE in these!!!Gotta have every color!

Flowing Skirts-- YES PLEASE! So Comfy and Cute!

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Also... make sure you come back tomorrow for our GREAT GIVEAWAY!!! You won't want to miss!


  1. Love the hat- so wish I could rock them, but they just don't ever look right!! I bet you totally rock the heck out of them though :) Love flowy skirts too- they're the best!!

  2. You know I love some hats, girly! Great choices!


  3. I love the hat too! I have so much hair, hats are actually hard to fit on me! lol Woo hoo to Old Navy, baby! A must stop shop with all our boys huh? :D

  4. We could be twins.. I am in a tank top, capris or a skirt almost every.single day.

    Great minds thinking alike ;)

  5. Cute...love the clam diggers and I really love the flowing skirt!~

  6. You can get me a pair of those sandals for my birthday, I'll let you. Haha! Seriously though, I'm addicted to jeans and capris satisfy my non-shorts stance and love for denim.

  7. i'm with you! comfy capris & flip flops! that is what summer is all about!

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