Splish Splash Blog Bash ~ Summer Reads

Welcome back to day 2 of our Fun in the Sun! Hope you have your sunscreen on...it's been toasty out there in those States these days!

Today we are sharing our Favorite Summer Reads! I love me a good read!

Oldie But Goodie


 I Could not put this book Down

Loved It

Fun Magical Adventure

 On My List to Read this Summer!!

Veronica Roth getting lots of talk

The Maze Runner Series

Are you a book nerd like me? What are you reading this Summer?

Also, don't forget to check out my girls and their favorite Summer Reads! Click and Go!

Make it a great day & I will see you back tomorrow for some more Fun in the Sun!

What's that? You missed my Summer Favorites from yesterday? Oh ..well let me hook you up! BAM


  1. You have to let me know when you read the divergent books! What's the other series at the end? I haven't heard anything about them.

  2. Ha, you basically have the exact same taste in books that I do! I loved all of those books, except I haven't read the Dashners yet. :-)

  3. I just awarded you The Sunshine Award



  4. I haven't read Cutting for Stone or either series at the end! I'll have to check them out! :) And yes, I'm a total book nerd too! :)

  5. I keep hearing about this Cutting for Stone book so I'll have to go check it out! Never heard of the Maze Runner series so I'll let you be a guinea pig and come back and tell me what you think! (and how is your graphic thing scrolling sideways?? I just copied the code and mine is running vertically today??)

  6. looks like GREAT reads!!! never heard of Cutting for a Stone but it looks good!! I am TRYING to read 50 shades of grey so that I didnt buy it on my kindle as a waste of money!! ahh

  7. Ahh! I'm so glad someone else loved Water for Elephants- I just LOVED that book! And I totally forgot about the Maze Runner series, I remember wanting to read those- now I really need to!!! And Divergent is on my list too...hmmm...I need to get started if I'm going to fit them all in :)

  8. Oh Jen-- I love the Maze Runner series!! I actually liked it better than Hunger Games....gasp! I started feeling a little messed up reading about kids killing eachother in the Hunger Games, lol. You will have to tell me what you think! Get reading sister!!! WE miss you guys!

  9. Love all of the books you already read...there was only one that I hadn't heard of! I am getting ready to start Divergent...heard it was Amazing!


  10. I am always amazed by people who have time to read and have kids. I'm so crazy busy that I just flip through the magazine pictures in the grocery line and hope that the greatest books become movies so I can rent them! I have considered getting a kindle for my husband b/c he some how has more time to read? Do you have one? Your blog is looking fab girl!! :)

  11. Divergent and Insurgent are awesome, I think even better than Hunger Games and I really, really liked those. Thanks for another great list of books, I'm always looking for new ones, yah, I'm a book nerd, too. :)

  12. I must say, you have quite the taste in books, my friend! I've read almost all of those and loved them!

  13. Loved the Help too. I am gonna have to go read the Cutting For Stone. Thanks for sharing.


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