Splish Splash Blog Bash ~ DIY Project

Yo Yo Yo! Welcome to day 3 of our Splish Splash Blog Bash that the wonderful Kelsey over at Tattered and Inked is hosting! We have been having so much fun hanging poolside with such a fun group of ladies! Today is we are sharing a DIY Project, and my project isn't a really cute craft you can make or wear. It's more like one you can enjoy this Summer!

We spend many many hours in our backyard during the Summer. I enjoy my morning coffee, reading and talking on the phone out back. The boys love riding scooters, playing catch and of course...shooting their air soft guns. As a family we love to bbq and just catch up on the day to day in our backyard. So enough was enough... I needed to create a Cozier Place for us to Hang. 


Cozier? I think Yes!

Why yes that is an old ladder for the swing set that the hubs took down a couple months ago...sitting in the trash pile! My thought.."that's not trash" - "I have to do something with it quick before it's gone!" So there she sits, and I love it!

One of our favorite things to do is Fire Time at night! We love our little Chiminea. I found that cute plant stand at a garage sale for 1 buck! It creates a nice block for that ugly air conditioner.

Can't forget my fun bench that I made out of 3 Junk Chairs! Click HERE to see how I created it!

Love our covered patio that wraps around the whole back of the house! Fresh green grass that our son Aaron does a fine job mowing! And Love that Buster Dog!

Can't forget about our Totally Righteous Marrs Munchies Garden Box! She is looking full of goodies these days!

Bring on the Summer! We are ready for you now!

Hope you all loved my new cozy backyard! I am off to enjoy it with some piping hot coffee and my kindle! What's that? Your in need of some summer reads? Check here for my list!

-- Recently added.... DIY Stenciled Outdoor Rug!

Oh and don't forget to check out the others DIY projects..you will LOVE them!

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  1. You back yard looks totally comfy!! I would love to come hang out!! :)

  2. I'm on the next red eye from Raleigh to CA! Meet me out back. I call the teal chair bench!

  3. I pick the chair with the brown tartan throw on it...that is mine, mine, mine! Get the coffee ready!


  4. Looks so nice & cozy! Your back yard looks so cool and green! Ours looks hot and crispy what with the record temps, zero humidity and all of the wildfires surrounding us choking out the sunlight! I may make your picture my wallpaper so that I have something beautiful to look at!

  5. So cozy!!! I love the ladder - nice save! And I call the fun bench! When are we sitting by the fire?! :)

  6. I love the after! Seriously, replacing that coffee table with the circle rug opened it up SO much!! Great job!

  7. Wow! You did an amazing job Jen! It looks so inviting!
    I pinned it :)
    Have a great day!

  8. Umm LOVE your outdoor space! Looks like such a fun place to hang out!!! Your chair bench looks amazing out there!!!

  9. Much cozier! I'll take the chair with the plaid blanket. ;)

  10. Now you have me looking at Chimineas on Craigs List! :) Do you miss the swingset? We are going to get rid of ours. I'm kinda sad to see it go...but they are getting older. Your backyard looks really good...great save with the ladder.

  11. I love how you added a little rug!! xoxo

  12. So much cozier - love it! Every time I see your bench I think I neeeeeed to make one of my own! SO dang cute! Is that a ladybug habitat I spy sitting there on the Marrs Munchies box? :)

  13. Wow, the "after" is so stylish, yet cozy! I love what you've done with the turquoise chair bench and the way the round rug adds a final touch of charm to the sweet patio! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my beachy living room :)

  14. Love it! It looks so cheery and cozy! It says, "Hi, come, sit, enjoy."

  15. It looks great! We live in the desert so we spend as much time indoors in the summer as possible. I'd love to spend some time in your backyard though! Ok, that sounded a little dirty. Sorry.

  16. Ummm loving it. So inviting! You are quite the decorator!

  17. Your garden box makes me happy! I love it :)

  18. So cozy and colorful! I would love to join y'all out by the fire in the evening.


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