Pool Noodle Framed Shark Art

So I had to use this noodle here {my brain} to come up with a Noodle Project!
Easy enough right?

I have seen adorable projects made from those famous $1 Pool Noodles.Wreaths, Summer Games, Marbles Runs, .... just type in Pool Noodles on Pinterest...and there you go.

I wanted to create something that I didn't see.
Something a little, on the Wonky and Wild Side. 
Because that is how I roll.

The boys bedroom is Surf/Beach Theme.
Derek is Obsessed with Sharks at the moment.
My "noodle" starting racing with ideas.
And this is what I got:

Not too Shabby Aye?
I got 2 thumbs up from Mason & Derek! 
They were stoked about their new Shark Art hanging in their room!

To cool to Noodle? Oh knock it off--
Here we go:

1. Paint your board gray & let it dry
2. Paint some white on your board & let it dry
3. Sand it, Rough it up

4. Print out a Shark from the Computer
5. Pressing down hard, trace the shark 
6. You will have a nice imprint 
7. Using the imprint, fill in the shark with your paint 

8. Measure your sides and cut your noodle to fit. You will then cut down one side to create the slit that will wrap around the edge of the board

To hang, I used some twine and a nail!

And since Derek is insisting his Birthday Party will be SHARKS--
 This is come in handy for some party decor!

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  1. Awesomely creative use of a noodle! One of a kind and so special for the kidlet :-) Have a great day buddy!

  2. That is so cool!! I love the distressed look of the board too. Hope you have a great week!
    Jenn xo

  3. HA! That is so different. You DID think outside the box. It's like the shark got trapped in a swimming pool. So silly and fun =) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Such a cute and clever DIY!! Your boys must totally love this! I gotta get my game on and get on this pool noodle bandwagon! Have a great week :) Heather

  5. now this is very, very cool!! Way to use your "noodle" :).

  6. Haha!! "my noodle started racing"!! You crack me up!! Plus it looks great to boot so double win!

  7. Nice job Jen! I'm a lifelong shark lover. OBSESSED with them! *High five* to your boys!


  8. Aw, that is so freaking cute!!!

  9. Now you really used your noodle girl. Oh how cute. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the party.

  10. Fun pool noodle craft idea. Thanks for joining the $5 challenge.


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