Master Bedroom... in the now!

Now. I love, like LOVE moving furniture around. My room has been this a way, that a way, and there a way! The current set up is the best one yet. My hubby can only hope it stays like this for longer then a couple weeks! You just never know! ;)

My Room 3 Months Ago

{You can find more on that Display for over the bed HERE}

About 1 month ago:
I moved the bed to the left wall. 
So that wall you see in front of you has nothing on it.
Which means no need for a 
"display for over the bed"
....which is why I created this instead:

This is now sitting all nice a pretty on that Wall.
It is a Wonderful focal point when you walk into the room.
I LOVE it!

I wish I could take credit for the Chicken Wire Frame. But, I can only take credit for finding that cutie at a wonderful store for ...are you ready $23.50! I was like- I gotta Snatch that up! What a Steal! And it's ALL DONE! 


The Master Bedroom
in the now...

Projects still in process are:
New Lamp Shades {either buy or make}
New Desk {or paint the one I got, fix up}
New Desk Chair

For Now, We are Good!
I love my Stenciled Wall, it adds the perfect touch to the room!
I will show you next week how I created that look, so make sure to come on back soon!

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  1. Loving it !
    how long did it take you to stencil

  2. WOw...it looks awesome...love the focal point behind the bed! Great job!

  3. I LOVE that wall stencil! It's tres chic!

  4. Wow! That stenciled wall is awesome Jen! You have way more patience than I do :-) You gonna share this at the party this week?

  5. Your bedroom looks fabulous! Great job!!

  6. Okay, I've been catching up on all my blogs lately so I have 3 comments in one...

    1. The bedroom is looking great!
    2. LOVE your new Blog makeover...so professional!
    3. Seriously...that dance video was hilarious! Oh man...wish we were friends in real life!

  7. Lookin great!!! I love the stenciled wall!!!


  8. Looks great! Love the focal wall with the stencil. Wish I didn't have textured walls cause I love that look!

  9. love your room - it looks so cozy. we have a white down comforter as well and I absolutely love it - so easy to switch up accessories! xo.

  10. Super nice- love the chicken wire, looks chic!

  11. Love that gorgeous new frame!! It looks great!! I'm pretty sure I had the exact same lamps in a size bigger before I redid them- lol. Your room is looking awesome woman!!! And did I ever tell you how much I LOVE your new blog design. Love. It.

  12. I love it, Jen! I have a hong for chicken wire so I love your display. Plus your wall is awesome!! I can't wait to see more on that!

  13. isn't it exciting when a room starts to come together...even if it's only going to last a month. ;) I LOVE the stencil. It adds a really sophisticated touch to the room.

    sharon @ mrs. hines class

  14. I love it. You did such a great job.

  15. Oh, I love the change! The frame is gorgeous.

  16. Love the frame-cute cute cute!! And the stenciling-perfect for that wall! Your room looks so inviting now. Love it! Great job Jen!!

  17. Love the stenciled wall, Jen...so great! Wine bottle? Think that would help me keep indoor plants alive.longer then one week? You did a great job...I wanna have a sleepover!

  18. SUPER CUTE! Crossing my fingers you'll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven!

    XO, Aimee

  19. I love the brown and blue, and the letters, and the stencils, and pretty much everything about your gorgeous room! It looks so nice and relaxing! Mine is currently covered in kid's toys and books! Why is it that they think my room is their dumping ground? Argh!!!

  20. I LOVE your "new" room. How did you like doing the allover wall with cutting edge stencils? I've been a bit scared to do an all over stencil like that.


  21. I loved your ideas to have beautiful dream room! The pillow resembling your family member. I loved the plant with wine bottle and made me to have a smile for this.

    Carol@ white beds


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