Personalized Graduation Money Holder

Congrats Grad! 

My husband's little sister is Graduating from High School in a week!
A party is in order of course...and we can't show up empty handed..plus this girl worked hard!

I decided to whip up a fun, quick & pretty dang cute way to give her some cash!

Your List:
Photo Frame. {3.00}
Stickers. {.97}
25 bucks 

Total cost of this gift... $28.97

1. Get all your goods

2. Put your stickers on the mat! Have fun with it!
3. Place your money in the photo opening

4. Create your Tag

5. Twine wrap your photo and attach the tag


Personalized Graduation Gift
under 30 Bucks!
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  1. Blog is looking oh so spiffy!!! Just like you :).

  2. What a super cute and fun idea!!! I know your sis-in-law will LOVE it! Speaking of love, your new blog design is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.!

  3. Love the new do! Super cute! I may have to steal that gift idea too...my little sister's graduation party is next weekend :)

  4. Jen, it is beyond fabulous! I just noticed the piece sign with your signature...so you! She really hit it out of the park!


  5. Everything looks great! Especially your new 'do'! Love it!!


  6. OMG..i think i need to steal this for my little sister who is graduating NEXT week too!!! & where did u find a frame for $3? that is a steal...or maybe I just shop at ALL the wrong places!!! lol

    Happy Thursday

  7. Ugh! I totally needed you a few weeks ago when I sent my son his college graduation money with just a frumpy store bought card!! I am in lurve with your new 'do! Seriously?? $50.00?? I will be contacting your awesome stylist very very soon! Peace out doll face :-)

  8. First I love your graduation idea... tooo cute!! You are so clever and ingenious!!
    Secondly, I LOVE LOVE your new look, isn't Brooke awesome, I just love her.. It's really great!! I know you're just in heaven right now, that's how I was when Brooke did my redesign too.. It all looks fantastic... I'm so happy for you! =)


  9. Super duper cute!! I was thinking about doing something like that but is said "In case of an Emergency, Break Glass"!!! Saw it on Pinterest!!! :)

  10. Oh my goodness!!!! I love it, LOVE IT!!!! Which one am I talking about, huh???

    Love the gift, the blog design is alright. JUST KIDDINGG!!!! I puffy heart love your new look!!!! Seriously! It all looks so pulled together now and I think I might just be emailing her today to do a couple tweaks for me! It looks so clean and streamlined!! Fantastico!!

    And what a cool gift too! Now send me one... : )

  11. Loving the new look. Its so swanky! Cute cute!

  12. LOVE the makeover! And let me just say, $50 bucks is a steal! dang.

  13. Congrats on the new look, the blog looks great! I love the colors you chose!

  14. Jen
    Im so beyond Happy that you LOVE your new design.
    I {heart} you Girly
    I posted about your blog on Mytimedesigns today

  15. Love the new look hun! I may just need to call her up myself:)

  16. Great idea! So much nicer than plain old money in a card!

  17. I love the new design...looking sleek and sassy. And what a great idea for a graduation gift....which I need to come up with. Thanks for inspiring!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  18. Jen, you are so clever! LOVE this! ;)


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