It's True! Mom's have Super Powers!

We do! So this post all stems from the last 2 nights over at the Marrs house. Let me set the stage...

It's ?:??am in the early morning. Fan's blaring on High in All rooms because it is HOT HOT HOT! Master Bedroom Door slightly ajar. Down the Hall, Derek is fast asleep in his room. I am sound asleep...

and then.

I hear it. 

A faint "mom"

I dart up from my pool of drool.
{not kidding..kind of sick I know}

I sit up ... thinking maybe it was in my dreams. 

then another "mom" confirms that my
Super Mom Hearing Powers were getting a full signal!

Of course what did he need?
Come on Moms! You know this!

a drink of water.

Those little boogers! It's always water.

AND of course when I make my way back into bed... My husband is still snoring away. 
What gives?
It amazes me that our Mom instinct just pops in...like for another example..I was upstairs, and heard Derek downstairs messing around in the kitchen. 
I had a gut feeling to go down and check on him.

Only to find:

Haha! Totally kidding... this is not Derek
But this kid Rocks!

So with these last two nights I have learned:
 To leave water next to Derek 
 That Mom's really do have crazy super powers... kind of mind boggling to me!

Last but not least... I hope all you Mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day!
I was able to hang my super mom cape up for a couple hours. Disabled my Super mom hearing powers, and Enabled  some I Heart Radio.. poolside!
It was wonderful!
{but have to admit..1.5 hours was long enough! I actually missed the sound of my studs}

You like that little collage I made don't ya! I don't blame ya..I am giving away a copy of the software to a lucky reader! Head Here to Enter!

Welp, time to "cape" up again for the day!
Make it a great one everyone!


  1. Girl..you are too cute!! That photo of the kid hanging from the drawer was super funny..I was like how did Derek manage to do that?!!! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  2. My oldest son did that drawer pic with his dresser drawers! Thankfully he didn't get crushed...and that's why all my furniture is anchored to the walls now! Yes, moms are super! :)

  3. Hilarity! Seriously...it's always something in the middle of the night...now with the water, Derek is going to have to pee in the middle of the night. You just wait, Kate does the same thing! Glad you passed the 200 mark!


  4. Yep. We do have super hearing. And the men have super snoring! What IS up with that??? Thank goodness one of the parents can hear the kids. LOL!!

  5. Sounds familiar! Up from Cat-Nap, figured out that holding a sweaty baby was making me hot. I am now the 601st liker of Mom 4 Real. Now off to make oatmeal.

  6. Yep, super sensitive hearing and eyes in the back of our heads! Now my non mom super power is being invisible! Seems, because I am height challenged, people can't see me and walk right into me! Mr B & Ms K have both seen it in action and are blown away :)

  7. LOL so true!! Also add super SPEED when they are hurt! :)

  8. Oh I totally get this post! We absolutely do have super powers! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;o)

  9. Ha! Awesome post...glad you got some sun time to yourself too!!! I can't sleep without a sound machine in our room for the exact same reason. I hear EVERYTHING!

  10. I have the my memories software too! :)

  11. I LOVE all the pics, including the collage you made! Can't try the software! Also, I'm a total believer in "mommy sense"!

  12. Love the pics- way to go with the software!!
    Love ya,


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