Hot Mess

I am joining in a FUN 
"Picture Me Domestic Self Portrait Contest" 
hosted by: 
Family Ever After, It's Overflowing & The Letter 4  

So the idea for this contest is to grab a PHOTO of yourself in your "element" on a day to day basis...
in the comfort of your home.

Scary? oh I know... Because let's keep it real....

This girl doesn't shower until noon-thirty!
So  ummm  yes... please bear with me on this FUN..kind of Embarrassing Photo Contest! 

Most of you know my LOVE/HATE relationship with
Jillian Michaels.

You can read about it


I am currently doing the 30 day Shred. The goal is to do it everyday. I have found that in order for me to meet this goal {everyday} 
I MUST SHRED first thing in the morning!

So this morning, I got down and ready to get my Shred On. 
I liked my P.J.s so much that I didn't find it necessary to change into my work out clothes. 
{who wants to do more laundry anyways?}

So... The Sports Bra just goes over my top. Don't be jealous!
Totally looking Hot Right!? 
Remember... I am in my own home!

Baaada Bing... Baaada Boo.... 

Watch out Jillian .... Jen has got a Style For You!
{Jillian looks like she's gonna kick my butt}

I am One Hot Mess..but getting my Shred Done for the Day! 
Can I get a Whoot Whoot!


  1. lol!! you are too cute Jen! You crack me up. I love your picture. You rock!!!

  2. Goodness girl, you are way to cute to be giving yourself a hard time!! Now if I posted a picture of myself, in my natural habitat, the interwebs would totally shut down from shock and awe, and not in a good way LOL!

  3. Haha! Wish I looked that good without makeup on! And I see you moved the TV up to the mantel!! Isn't it great up there!?

  4. Such a good idea! I could just roll out of bed tomorrow morning and throw my sports bra on over my pj's!! But I won't. I'm lazy.

  5. Oh my god I love you so much. The sports bra over the tank is kind of genius. I always relayer and then unlayer later. Your idea is way easier!

  6. Very cute...Next week is my first week of summer and I will be dropping off Eli at camp and heading to the gym...I am sure i will have pics JUST LIKE THAT, well maybe I'll put my sports bra on under my tank...maybe..

  7. Haha love the look! :D Thank you for stopping by the West Coast Blog Hop! xo

  8. hahah I am loving the workout look... and i feel you no one like to do laundry anyways ..hmm but you are inspiring to try the 30 day shred..but I would have to stay with it for 30 days.. what all does it consist of besides the dvd? also, where did you find it for $6.99 not that I was stalking you or anything!!! lol

    you look GREAT!!!!!

    Happy Thursday

  9. Yay! How awesome that you did the workout!

  10. Awesome picture! You still look 10 times better than I do when working out :)

  11. That is so funny. Love Love the outfit.

  12. Jen, you are too funny! I love it! How do you like the 30 day shred?

  13. You are so cute, thanks for making me smile!! WOOT WOOT
    hugs, jen

  14. Woot!Woot! You are hilarious Jen! Lol And Jillian TOTALLY looks like she's gonna kick your butt! Lol BUT, after the 30 days is over -- YOU'll be able to kick HER butt! ;-)

  15. Woot, Woot! Looking fine girl!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  16. I love your picture, you're so darn cute! Even in your pjs/workout clothes. Lol. I just entered the contest, too. :)


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