"Gutter Queens" End of the Season {Bowling} Party

So why can't you help in the classroom on Fridays?
"Oh.... I am sorry, I am in a bowling league."

 12 moms
chugs on free bowling alley coffee {& creamer...fancy}
lots of cackling 
and some occasional bowling! 

It is so very fun, and I am so sad that last Friday was the end to our Spring Season!

BUT, I had fun throwing a little End of the Season Party...you ready?

So the last Friday...is an all out Party Down Day! No team scoring.. We bowl for money!
So whoever got the highest individual score from 10 Frames of "Funky Bowl"...won $10 Bucks!

We were cracking up the entire time!
 It was so much FUN!
 The Favorites were the Tunnel and Bowling with a Pal in hand!

All Players do go home with a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks!
I thought the sleeves were a different touch rather than the original card holder. I just glue gunned the bottom part of the sleeve so the card wouldn't slide out! Perfect-O!

The Winners{yes that's me!} who took 1st in the entire season goes
to: Drop it Like it's Hot! 
Check out those cute trophies that Mary made!

Cupcake Time! How cute are these Bowling Toppers? 
I was IN LOVE!

Thank you so much Edible Details!
Brittany was so extremely wonderful to work with in creating these toppers, and they arrived in the greatest packaging job I have ever seen. They were Perfect! 

That's right...Cupcakes in a Cup! 
The perfect way to transport and take "to go"
Hold down the Saran Wrap with nothing but the best...Washi Tape!
I was inspired with using the Washi Tape for this project after running into this great link on Pinterest!

Such a fun last Friday of Bowling!
What-cha Think?
Strike, Spare, or Gutter
of a party?
See you on the lanes soon Gutter Queens!

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  1. That looks like SO much fun!! You did a great job! I used to be on a team when I was young and I have been thinking about joining one!! You just got me so excited! You are awesome.

  2. Such a fun party!! I love the prizes and the cupcakes! And I really love the funky bowling!! I have my own ball and shoes- I would totally join your league if I could! ;)

  3. How FUN!! Great job Jenn!!! I would say it's a STRIKE!! :):) Cute cupcake toppers! And I really liked the idea of the Starbucks card holder and cupcake to go! :) Well done lady! I would say I wanted to join your bowling league too, only my best game ends in the double digits, so I would probably be kicked off. ;-) Have a great rest of the weekend Gutter Queen! :)

  4. What fun!! I've just found your though Sunday's Best Party and I'm a new follower!
    So nice to meet you!

  5. LOVE it! My hubs bowled in a league in college, and we still love to go bowling as a family. People always laugh at me when I show up with my own ball and shoes (but who WANTS to have to rent bowling alley shoes anyway!?!), but it's SO much fun! I wish I was closer to your area cause I'd totally come crash the bowling league. Super cute party!

  6. This is SO cute and fun!! LOVE it! The "Drop it like it's hot!" plaque gave me a good chuckle : ) Fantastic idea with the washi tape to dress up saran wrap on the cupcakes, too! I have started doing cupcakes in clear 4oz solo cups for my kids' parties and school treats. It has a big presentation boost, plus is easier for them to eat with a fork and less mess from crumbs and wrappers. Mine always just have boring ol' saran wrap though.

  7. OMG...I HAVE to do this. It looks like sssssoooo much fun! :D

  8. I so wish I lived close to you! I love to bowl and this looks like so much fun!!

  9. That end of year party looks much better than the party I throw for my kids end of season. Add bowling to the To-List in CA list! I am coming, dont know when but I am coming out!
    Many hugs, jen @ f5

  10. Oh my holy goodness! That looks like so much fun. I would love to do that for a kiddo party as well!!!
    Tami :)

  11. Now why would I not think you my dear were Queen of the Gutter (balls)? LOL! How much fun is this?? Thanks for sharing at the party this week! Have a safe weekend ♥


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    Have a great evening! Lenetta


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