Family Gallery Wall

Happy Friday Folks!
Last week I had the pleasure of chill-ax-in with Holly at Bella Nest!

I shared a little project with her readers, so now it's your turn! Enjoy!

I have been wanting to put together A Family Gallery Wall FOREVER!

I love the way they look, and Love arranging "special" items that mean so much to me.

Here We go!

Find "The Wall"
Gather all your items/photos
Start with the middle
And Build around it!

And you create...

Starting from the Top..then left to right.
1. MARRS Est.1998 {yep I made that}
2. Photo of Bryan and I
3. Photo of Derek {5}
4. My grandma's wall sconce that she passed onto me and my oldest son Aaron's Artwork
5. My side of the family, Mom/dad, g-mas/papas
6. Photo of Mason {9} Aaron{13}
7. A VERY Old family photo!{yes it's on my list to get a new one taken}
8. My grandma's wall sconce w/ Mason's Artwork
9. My husbands side of the family, Mom/dad, g-mas/papas
10. M monogram for Marrs that I made

Can I just tell you that I LOVE my New Family Gallery Wall!? It makes me smile every single time I look at it! 

 Next week on my blog I will be showing you how to create your own:
EST. 1998

Have a wonderful LONG weekend my friends!

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  1. looks great! Love that you used the kids artwork...how personal!

  2. I absolutely Love your gallery wall!~ Nice hon there girl! Happy Weekend to you.

  3. LOVE it girl!! So cute and totally full of all kinds of wonderful memories :) You did a great job!!

  4. We have a gallery wall on our stair landing and I cant tell you how important "start in the middle" would have been if I'd known that a year ago! It was so hard to make it balance out. I love your mix of photos and items!


  5. Cute, cute, cute!! You are so talented :)

  6. Super cute, Jen! I'm working on one too...or at least I'm pretending to, but it's totally overwhelming me! I have something in the middle right now, but I was worried that starting in the middle might not be the way to go. Thanks for telling me that it IS (and now maybe I'll stop using that as my excuse not to keep going haha!).

  7. Beautiful! You have a great eye for arrangement. I'm planning one for our bedroom as an anniversary surprise for my hubby. I'll definitely start in the middle :)

  8. It looks great! You have such a beautiful family! Love the established sign! I hope you have a great long weekend!
    Jenn xo

  9. Cute! You get another woot! woot! I love how it's so personal! You have a great long weekend too!! :)

  10. Awww, I love it!! I love the boys' art and grandma's sconces! Those would make me smile too! Great job, mama!!

  11. it looks great, love the boys art. i recently started framing the kids art. you are so talented, the layout is perfect.

    we'll have to catch up, this new house is gonna be the death of me! lol

  12. Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X


  13. You know I just love this to pieces!! Thanks for sharing at the party! You're the best dancer there lol :-)

  14. You know I just love this to pieces!! Thanks for sharingat the party. You're the best dancer there lol!

  15. Looks adorable; sweet family photos!

  16. Jen, LOVE IT! I've been wanting to create one in my home forever...you've inspired me! Especially love how you incorporated your children's artwork and grandma's special sconces. :-)

  17. It looks so good! I have a blank wall that would be perfect for this, and I've been meaning to get some photos up, but all we have right now is one good photo from our wedding :-) Suppose we have to start somewhere!

    I have a brand new link party going on and I'd be thrilled if you'd link this up!


  18. Love it! Great job. I love wall art galleries!


  19. Nice job girl! Looks really great. I love gallery walls. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  20. I finally got around to posting the gallery wall I made for our anniversary. Thanks for all of the great tips!!


  21. Great gallery wall! :D Love how you broke it down and wrote about what makes it special for you and your family. Happy to find you today via Get Outta My Head Please's Facebook wall. Looks like you do a lot of vlogging as well. I've tried it a few times. I want to get better at it. I think the videos add a lot to a blog. Keep up the good work! :D Shan from Family Brings Joy


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