30 Day Shred After 12 days Level 1 Photos

Alright! I can't believe I am showing you photos ..but I am a visual person and NEED to see results and have made this Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred by Ambandos, Andrea/ Michaels, Jillian (Google Affiliate Ad)
a fun Challenge that many of my friends have joined in as well, so I thought I would share my results so far! 

 I Started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 
April 18th. Thought I was going to die.

Today I just finished up day 12 and was able to bust through Level 1...and ready for Level 2. 
{but please be nice Jillian. Jillian Nice? Funny I know}

My Goals:
1. Lose 10 Pounds
2. Tone up this Body
3. Eat better, portion control
4. Drink more water

I have to tell you that these last 12 days I have felt amazing! I am doing great with the eating {except when my hubs brought home a chocolate bar doughnut and held it under my nose..evil! But I ate it and it was so so good!} Drinking water and Green Tea..loving it! Portion Control..grabbing a Salad Plate for dinner has helped me out tremendously..and NOT going back for Seconds! Last, seeing the results and noticing my body is changing for the better THAT is what really keeps me focused and trucking!

Here we go! Now I had Little Man take the Photos...so they aren't the best but will do!

So there you have it! 12 Days into the Shred...and I am Shredding Slowly but Surely!
Day 1 Weight was 134
Day 12 Weight is 126

Want to join in the FUN? Come on! It's only 20 mins. A day! 
I created a great Motivating Facebook Group with about 15 of us in there! We are all on different levels, but keep each other working it! Just let me know if you want to join us!
I am looking forward for the next level and seeing the results keep pouring in! Most of all, I am loving how my body feels these days and LOVE having energy!

2013 is HERE and we are SHREDDING yet again!
Join our FACEBOOK group TODAY! 
Let's look HOT for Summa' Time! 

Keep Shredding , 


  1. Yay! I can see the definition forming already - check out those new abs! I think I might have to be brave and work on some before and after shots too :)

  2. Jen, I just texted a friend to immediatly check out your blog...and I sounded like an infomercial doing it...WOW you look great...I CANNOT stand Jillian but I wonder if I could do it with the sound off?

  3. Nicely done! You are doing so good! Keep up the great work buddy ♥

  4. You look great! You can really your results in your hips. But you were a skinny mini to begin with!

  5. I'm so glad you posted these pics! I was feeling lazy and almost didn't shred today, but thanks to you I just finished! You look fantastic, Jen!!

  6. WOWZERS!!! that is a huge difference and I cannot even believe you lost that much in 12 days!! Nothing but a WOW! That's fantastic!

  7. Whaaaaat!! That's awesome! Only 12 days and you can see a difference!! (Not that you have far to go missy.) Woot! Woot! Go Jen!!!! :)

  8. You rock sis! I love that you posted pictures! You can totally see where you are being "shredded" love it! I think you look great! If I wasn't feeling so crappy and tired I would totally join in! Way to go! Keep it up :)

  9. Way to go the work has been worth it

  10. Good idea to take pics! I did JM's 30-Day Shred about 3x/week when I was training for my marathon as my "cross/strength training" and it really helped with my strength. And now when I look back at the pics I notice that I looked smaller and more fit. Guess I should get back on the 30DS train!

  11. Girl You Look Amazing!!! I may just have to force myself to get busy with JM so I can look like you!!
    So proud of your hard work! Keep it up Girl!
    Jen @ f5

  12. WOW! You look great! I will definitely look into this! 20 minutes a day? I can do that!


  13. Great job Jen! I made it through 23 days of the shred but I've been doing Medifast so I had to stop (put my body into starvation mode and stopped losing weight!) :) You look awesome!

  14. Jen you look abulous...hehe...get it! OK Im a nerd but your results are amazing!!! Great job!!! Can't wait to see the before and after pics after 30 days!!

  15. You're looking great! Keep up the great work!

  16. What is the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred??

  17. Too funny. My mom came out for a visit and she has been doing this video and is borderline obsessed with it. I have done the book version of it pre-kids. But, it was actually a wonderful workout- and at 20 Minutes It couldn't have been more perfect for me! I can definitely see improvement in your pictures and I also weigh 134...goal 125 (okay, 120 would be sweet). So, wish me luck!

  18. You look fab, I want to join you.....going to see if my neighbor has this video :) I'm the exact same, 10 pounds and tone , yay

  19. So, what happened after this post? Did you continue on to Level 2? Did it continue to work? I have one of Jillian's dvds (may be this shred one)but, as is the case with a lot of these types of things, I haven't had the courage to give it a try yet. Your post was before I discovered your fun and fab blog so I don't know what transpired afterwards. Did the group have great results? Are you a powerhouse kick-butt mama now? Deails! I need details! LOL! I'd love to hear any further stories that may encourage me to give it a try and convince me that I won't drop dead on the floor LOL Hugs, Leena BTW, I liked your FB page. I figure I can never have too much fun so I'd double down =:)

  20. Awesome job Jenn!! I love Jillian's workout videos!! Keep it up Hott mama!!! ~ Lori {Vintage Charm Restored}

  21. Great! You can really see the changes. Just making the round with Blog Bulge. I want to know the long term effects too. How about an updated post?


  22. Making the Blog Bulge Rounds too ... Yay you!!!! I may have to look into this one although I am more a Bob as a trainer kind of girl :)

  23. Nice! 12 days, huh? That's awesome!!! I can just see the hubby holding that chocolate doughnut under your nose too. My hubby thinks that it's funny when he's eating something I can't have. NOT FUNNY! I'm doing workouts at the gym...a lot of P90X stuff, but I need something for when I can't make it there. Jillian may be the ticket. Thanks for joining our party Jen!

  24. Wow, I can see some definition. Good job!


  25. I just did DAY ONE tonight! eeep! Keep me motivated girl - I'm going to need it!


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