White Eggs & Baseball

Hello friends! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend with your family!

Question. How many times did your kids ask "When are we dyeing Easter eggs mom?"

Still asking.

Well because they still look like this:

Now yes they are hard boiled- I was on the ball with that task.
The colorful part, not so on the ball... oh well.
Speaking of Balls!

Take me out to a ballgame you ask? Let's go!
See, this Easter was not our norm Easter Celebrating ways! FUN don't get me wrong..but out of the norm for us! {I didn't even do a Easter Egg hunt out of the norm} what the? 

Don't worry ladies, I still managed to pull it together for the baskets! :)
Derek was up at jimminy Christmas early time 6:45am!
Down we went as everyone else still snoozed away! {He tried to wake his brothers up, no success}

Does your Easter Bunny hide your Baskets in funny places? Derek's basket was under a blanket! 

Let's continue with our out of the norm Easter shall we?
Padres were in town, and well, Baseball is kind of a big deal in this house over here! So we decided to hit up a game on Easter! 
We had a great time! 

After Derek was done with that awesome sugar in a cup he was acting so silly.
Wonder why?

It was a different Easter this year, but we were together as a family and that's what made it a perfect Easter for us!

{the Dull White eggs are almost gone too}

How did you celebrate Easter this year?


  1. Love it! My monster wouldn't help with the egg decorating. Boo! I had to do it all by myself. I love that you went to a baseball game for Easter. MY husband would have thoroughly enjoyed that.

  2. This reminds me that we did dye eggs, but I don't think we've touched them since! I should pull them out and have the kids eat them for a snack after school today! Glad you had a great Easter! 6:45!!! That never would fly in this house!!

  3. What a fun and memorable day! That's really what it is all about! Dyed eggs can be done anytime :)

  4. How fun! Do you know we still have never seen the Padres! LOL... we will make it to a game one day! Sounds like a great Easter! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, we have only dyed eggs once! Lol. My kids don't like hard boiled eggs, and my husband and I can't eat them quick enough. So why waste the time when the kids hate them? Lol. I love your Easter! Sounds perfect. :)

  6. Hi Jen - It's funny, but baseball has played a part in our family celebrations too. I remember planting the tv close to the Thanksgiving table so that we could watch the Blue Jays win the series (Canadian Thanksgiving in October). This year we spent the weekend gardening, just the hubby and I. It was terrific.

    No coloured eggs at our house either. So no worries.

  7. Such a handsome bunch of men you got girl!

  8. Haha...the only reason any eggs got colored in our house was because my mother in law took the lead on it.
    Looks like the baseball game was a lot of fun!

  9. That is too funny! We try to dye eggs every year and the kids love it!


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