"Those Abs don't come for free!"

So now that I am 33, with no kids in my line up to suck out my extra weight.
{awesome perk to breastfeeding}
I am finding that I can't just eat what I want anymore. Like the rice crispy treat shows in my legs! Dang nab it! What happened? 

It's ok, this getting older thing I guess.
And I can still eat what I want, I just have to work it now. Argh. Work.

I have heard great things and seen amazing results with the 30 Day Shred by Jullian Michaels- and figured for $6.99 what do I have to lose! {Hopefully 10 lbs and Gain some toned Abs} But ladies ... as she say's "Those abs don't come for free" No joke there! Today being my first day, I finished the 20 min. deal but holy cow...barely. 

But, I can do this! 

So I posted this on my Facebook 
and had amazing comments and support! Many ladies are starting this Shred in the next couple of days as well! 

I decided to create a "closed" group on Facebook for those who are starting this Challenge! That way we can motivate each other and just keep tabs on our progress! So if you are starting this 30 day Shred video in the next week or so, leave a comment below and I will add you to our awesome support group! 

Until Next Time!
{I think I need a nap}


  1. I will encourage you and cheer you on....but (butt?) I will not be joining this challenge LOL. I am at the age where I woke up one morning and realized I had spent more than half my life on some sort of diet and/ or exercise plan. For me, it was time to stop the madness and enjoy life! I wish you luck buddy :) ♥

  2. Jen! I love 30 day shred! It helped me drop my baby weight after Jackson! Be careful on level 2 with the walking push-up things in the beginning. I totally tweaked my back doing those :/ Good luck!! You can do it!! p.s. I really doubt you have 10 lbs to lose!

  3. Good lucky lady!!!! I am thinking about trying this. But I have a really hard time committing to exercise plans!!! But now that their is a prize at the end, I am all about pushing myself!!! Keep us updated on the progress!!!

  4. Hmm.. I am tempted! I just want to lose ten pounds. Keep us updated on your progess, please!

  5. Wow! I'm with you though - approaching 30 and I can see it in all kinds of places too! While you are gaining some awesome abs, you may see our family walking the block! Haha ... that's about all I'll be doing for now :) Wish you the best!

  6. Are you just trying to make us all feel like cr-p at the pool this summer? I would join you, because I do like challenges...but I can't leave my kids alone for more than 30 seconds. I will try to make it to the gym 3 times a week in honor of Jillian...and don't tell her where I live!

  7. This cracked me up! I'm in the exact same position! 33 next month and metabolism slooowing down!! I seriously miss breast feeding! :( So anyway, we're going on a sunny vacation in 24 days (swimsuit!!) and I've been trying to get myself motivated to tighten it up! I need to get this video and start it ASAP!!

  8. It is amazing how well it works in 20 minutes a day! Sadly I didn't make it through the whole 30 days when I did it, but the results are quick {and hard-earned too!} I would TOTALLY jump on board if I wasn't out to heeeeeere prego! In a couple of months, I'd love to do it. You're awesome, Jen! Have fun!

  9. I'm in. These 10 pounds aren't going to lose themselves!

  10. I just finished up a post that will be published tomorrow morning on my blog. It has a link over here to your page so hopefully more readers will join in!! Stop by and check it out if you get a chance!!

  11. YAY!!! I'm on my own reg but let me know how it goes!! I'll be your cheerleader!

  12. Way to go Jen! Even though you are beautiful enough already :)

  13. Jill is a total hardcore trainer-- I still hear her saying-- IF A FAT GIRL CAN DO JUMPING JACKS THEN SO CAN YOU!!! eek!!! okay okay okay!! I'll do jumping jacks!!

  14. PS- I nominated you for the versatile blogger award!!


  15. Hi Jen - following you back now! Love your blog and hope you achieve your fitness goal with Jillian's workout! Heather :)

  16. Oh it gets so much worse in the 40's ... I should really do this challenge. But I think I may be too late to the party. I don't have the video. We're down to one car for the time being (due to a giant tree sized branch that landed smack dab on my husband's car and totaled it) and I'm too lazy to go out again to Target (I hate going there on weekends) and that whole too lazy to go out thing is my downfall ...

    Maybe tomorrow night when the hubs comes home I'll see if I can find it at Target. I'll even check the CVS. I can walk there ...



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