Groovy Garden Box

Far Out

Are you all dialed in?
{setting the scene}

Our plain jane garden box 
Last year the boys and I took some paint to spruce this girl up!
Great helpers!
plain jane

transformed into a

Groovy garden box

I have been wanting to do this for sometime, and finally just DID it!

Last year our box was too full, so we decided this year everyone gets to choose 1 plant. A family trip to Home Depot was in order to pick our munchies!

This year in our box we have:
Strawberries {Mom's choice}
Watermelon {Mason's choice}
Cantaloupe {Dad's choice}
Cucumber {Derek's choice}
Zucchini {Aaron's choice}

Doesn't that just scream Fun?
It makes me smile!

So what do you think?
{choose 1}
a. off the wall
b. totally groovy
c. bummer dude
d. chill out man

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  1. Haha - you are too cute! My vote is b} totally groovy. ;-)Because you are one groovy chica!! :):)

  2. Umm...totally groovy of course man! It turned out awesome- now if you can just get all the plants to grow at the same speed so you can have a groovy picnik together!!! I love the idea of everyone picking their faves to plant- so funnn!!!!

  3. Adorable!! I mean, totally groovy! :) I want a garden box so bad! Maybe I can add it to our humongous project list. :) Great job making yours ridiculously cute!

  4. I'm going with totally groovy too! What a fun Mom you are!!

  5. So cute, Jen! I sooo want a container garden, and it would absolutely have to be blinged out now that I have seen yours...love it!


  6. Fun Jen! Love the pic of you and your groovy bunch!

  7. I'm going to go with Off the Wall!! Get it.. cause it's a wall and you wrote on the wall so it's kinda like off the wall?? Maybe a little bit, if you stretch it?! Either way I love it! We've been working on our garden too but I'm still so nervous we might get frost so I haven't planted anything yet! Soon, though!! Soon! Great job!

  8. Being of a certain age (hmmm), a former total flower power girl and around when actually said it, I'm going with groovy :) I can't wait to see pictures when all the veggies are in full swing! I totally dig it man!

  9. Hi Jen

    It's going to be one crowded box again with all those cantaloupes, strawberries and zuchinni - there never seems to be enough room for those vines.

    I love what you did with it - totally cool. The kids will love it.

    By the way - I used some of that Miracle Gro and it is AMAZING!!

  10. What a great idea! I think it looks fantastic!! :) Enjoy your goodies that grow. Megan

  11. That looks so good!! Love the special touch added to it!! I have a really small yard, and that would be perfect for the side of my house!! Also wanted to tell you that over on my blog www.seeleyfamily5.blogsspot.com I awarded you with the Leibster Blog Award!!!

  12. B all the way! Totally Groovy! For some reason every single time I hear Groovy anywhere I think of Austin Powers ... "Groovy Baby .. Yeahhh" :) By the way, I want to do this too (and win your miracle grow) hehe! Does your box have drilled holes in the bottom? I'm not sure where to start! ... much love! Jessie

  13. I think it's totally groovy too. You are way too fun! I love it.

  14. This is so cute. I love it, and I love that it was a family affair! How fun. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Totally Rad dude! of course that wasn't a choice but I never follow directions. hehe
    It must be in the air because out of the blue today my husband painted our planter boxes in the back yard too. Of course ours are only plain brown but hey it's better than the worn out looking wood they were. Hope to see you this week at my Creative Thursday Link Party. Have a great week.


  16. So cute! Makes me wish I had my own garden so I could have planters like this!

  17. Jen, Definitely groovy! Looks like you're going to have a great garden this year. :-) I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by when you get a moment to check it out. I hope you have a great night!

  18. Totally groovy! This entry made me smile. Very cool blog you have. :)

  19. Jen,

    I still haven't planted my veggie garden yet but this is totally inspiring me to do so! Thanks for linking up this week. Hope to see you again next week.

    Have a great weekend.

  20. Love the box makeover! I'm trying my hand at growing a few herbs this year, and suprisingly they're doing well. I've never had a green thumb! It's so nice to grow your own veggies, whenever we make salsa I just go out to the patio and pick some cilantro! New follower, hope you're having a good weekend! =)

  21. You did a great job, it looks so fun! I always wanted a raised garden box. Maybe someday soon!

  22. This is fantastic! I love getting the kiddos involved in growing a garden. My son loves helping with it--well, actually he just loves the watering part. Funny how the plants don't get as wet as he does when he's helping. :)


  23. ok, how stinkin cute is this?!?! and unrelatedly, you make chicken pot pie look easy!

  24. I love this! You're such a fun mom! I want a garden!


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