It's Official!

I am really not sure how I got to this point in my life. Where did the time go?
My first baby boy is turning 13 on Saturday!

Pretty Insane right? Your telling me! I have to say that so far, so good. He really is quite an amazing young man. 

He did get invited to his first co-ed Birthday party! Say What? He acted pretty sly and was like "nah, I don't want to go" ... I said "Really Aaron, sounds pretty fun to me"...After he knew it was "cool with mom and dad" and found out some buddies were going, he was all over that party! Oh Sly one! ;) (Don't worry me and another mom are going to spy over the fence for a bit..no shenanigans!)

Fun Fun times are ahead, I am just completely
amazed truly how fast the last 13 years went by. I can remember the day going in to have Aaron like yesterday. Wow. ...so before I start balling like a big ol' baby...here are some fun photos of my baby, toddler, boy...teenager!

Any words of advice for this 1st timer teenager mom deal...pretty please share away!


  1. I totally feel ya! My son is going to be 14 next month...it has been so hard watching him get older, and now his facebook says he is "in a relationship"...What? Yes, in a relationship...ugh!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. Oh boy! As the survivor of two boys going through the teen years (they are in their 30's now) my friend, you. are. in. for. it! "It" being the funnest ride of your life :) Enjoy this time for soon he will be a man and you will be left wondering where your baby went. Although, when my boys were both home a few weeks ago, they acted just like they did when they were 13 & 14 LOL!

  3. Wow Jen! I'm not there yet - but I think it's pretty amazing your eldest and my middle have the same birthday! :) Have fun spying!

  4. i raised my teenage sister in law. all four years of high school, it's scary and stressful, lol just remember your friends are here to support you in your time of need! good luck. and remember, he's your kid so he's amazing, and take lots of pics to show his girlfriends!

  5. Don't get caught spying over that fence ;)

  6. You are so funny. I don't have any chitlins of my own yet...but I {obviously} was a teen once. My mom was lucky haha I was better than most of my friends :) just remember it can always be worse. Have fun spying! Hope there'll be a glass of wine in your hand, I'm sure your in for a show. Love the photo collage too cute! ps I gave you the Liebster Award!! yay! It will be up on my blog Friday for you to see! :) Thanks again for all your super sweet comments! They make my day!
    x0 Jess

  7. Jen!! What? Aaron is going to be how old? Seriously?! That is crazy! You are an awesome mom, you will be great! We miss and love you guys tons! Tell Aaron to have fun ;)

  8. Teenagers are fun...don't fear! I tagged you in a blog tag game. Have a great weekend!



  9. Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Enjoy your special day,
    (dont let mama ever leave you alone in the house:)


  10. Oh My! the teenager years, My oldest is 11 so I got a couple more years. She acts like she is a teenager though. But my husband has been a youth pastor for a few years and we have worked with teens a lot. My husband warned our kids that when they are a teenager they will lose their mind and they wont know it but they will haha. They think they will know everything but its really them that has gone crazy.

  11. good luck!!!
    pray pray pray pray pray
    they have moments of total brilliance quickly followed by moments of complete stupidity and you never know what its gonna be.

  12. Isn't it amazing how fast kids grow up? We are getting ready to register our daughter for kindergarten and I feel like I literally blinked and we got to this point. Hope your son has a great birthday.

  13. I wish I had some...I'm scared for the day! My oldest is 10, going on 20! She says she's a "pre-teen". Lol! Good luck mama! :)


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